Owen Hughes

  • 12th Oct, 2017
  • $5,034 Reported Loss

If anyone runs into this idiot, Owen Hughes, slap him as hard as you can! He’s a scammer!!!

  • Report #5YC92
  • Reporter CKERIBOTOR

My wife and I operate a small B&B in the backwoods of Arkansas and the business is nice. we can't make a lot of money of it but we are proud to be opened for over 25 years. In all those years I haven't seen a jackass as crooked as this fucking guy. In June of 2008 this Owen Hughes if that is his real fucking name anyhow, ripped us off for $5034.75 and I do remember every cent of it.

We got an email on June 2nd sent by Owen Hughes. He presented himself as a logistics manager at Siemens. The mail had the logo and everything and all sorts of company info on it there was no reason for me to doubt it. Well, all that info turned out to be fake but I found that out when it was already too late. In the email it was stated that his colleagues will be visiting the local steel mill and that they work for Siemens as well. There were supposed to be some kind of experts in metallurgy or some kind of crap like that. Anyhow, he needed to set them up with rooms 'cos they were supposed to be staying for 4 days. The company would pay all the expenses and I was supposed to send him the exact sum of how much would I charge and additional info on any expenses they might encounter while staying with me.

I replied with detailed costs for those rooms and we reserved them for 11th. We have a small B&B and we are miles from the nearest town and that's why this jerkoff probably picked us in the first place.

We made arrangements for these guys, my wife bought fresh produce and everything 'cos we figured these were some fancy folks working for a big company and we wanted to impress them. It's a small B&B and we don't have guests from out of the country all that often.

Two days before they were supposed to arrive, this Owen fuck sent me a letter with the check in it for $6500. I was a bit confused about the amount on the check and then another email came on the day they were supposed to arrive. It stated that these so called experts are stuck in an airport and they need to rent a car there in order to get to my B&B. This fucker asked me if I can cash in the check, charge the rooms for those four days which was $1465.25 with taxes and send the rest of the money to his colleagues so that they can rent a car, cover the expenses and get there on time.

Well, I was dumb enough to do that. I figured why not help my customers in need. They would be here in a day or two anyhow, but if they got to the mill late, that might be a problem. I cashed the check, sent the money through the Western Union to those guys and waited for them to come. ONLY THEY NEVER CAME. I called this fucker but no answer. A couple of days later I realized that they were not supposed to come at all. What did come was the bank’s notification that the check I deposited bounced. I call up this guy and the phone number was disconnected. I've sent him dozens of emails not a single response. Even when I tried to look up the fake visitors I came up short.

He scammed me out of my money. $5034.75 is what this guy took us for and I've been to the police, to the bank, even reported it to fucking FBI for the scam but chances are I will never see my money again. How can someone be so fucking crooked and scam the hard working people? I've never seen a bastard like this one in my whole life.

All of this sickens not so much 'cos of the money, but 'cos of the fact that these fuckers are doing this shit all the time. And no one seems to bat an eye. They keep scamming people and there is no system in play to protect any of us. I am in the business of helping people and how am I supposed to do it well if I can't trust anyone after this? THAT'S WHAT I HATE THE MOST!

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