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  • 29th Apr, 2018

PCMatic Will Not Respond

  • Report #5YCPN
  • Reporter DEPTUATEAR

My computer started acting up…booting up slow; taking for ever; I tried running a security scan to check for bugs and it said everything is fine…so issues.

One night while trying to surf the net a pop up appeared on a big solid blue screen stating that my computer was infected and to call the number on the screen immediately for help. my computer would not do anything; no matter what keys I hit nothing happened.

So, I called the number and it turns out it was Mircosoft security people and they told me my computer was infected and was about to crash and I would lose everything. they said they could fix it for$249.00 and that it would take about 45 minutes to an hour. I was on the phone with them for over three hours and during that time they said PC MATIC had not worked because they didn’t even have the right operating system being protected.

I had XM home addition and they had set up for some other operating system. so, it was not doing squat for my computer and it got infected badly. I tried and tried contacting PCmatic and to this day they have not contacted me back…it’s been about three years now.

I wanted to be reimbursed for having to have Microsoft fix my d**n computer or at least get a free year of help from them and you all know how that went.

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