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Popeye’s Chicken Review: Rude Crew Member

  • Report #5YCYX
  • Reporter FERITANIAN

Went to Popeyes Restaurant in Springfield Ohio, from Xenia Ohio. Lady at the intercom was so rude that we didn’t even get to finish ordering our dinner.

This is the third time that we had driven from Xenia to purchase dinner from Popeyes in Springfield just to be treated rudely. It had taken her a long time to answer when we where sitting at the intercom waiting to order. When she finally answered, I gave her my order, a few minutes had gone she was silent, then I said “excuse me, are you there?” she came on and replied in a not so pleasant voice, “give me a moment I’m doing something.” so we pulled off.

We’re spending our money there, paying her paycheck, be a little kinder… You can here a smile in someone’s voice. If you can’t work with the public, find another job!!

Popeyes Chicken – 2134 South Limestone St Springfield OH 45505 | 937-325-3915

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