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  • 10th Mar, 2019

Bad business

  • Report #5YCXQ
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

"Many months ago I sent my new, never fired Saiga 12 shotgun to Red Jacket firearms to be converted to an RTS-12CG with the understanding that it was a 16 week turn around time. After 16 weeks I had called and they had not started work on my gun but where very happy to take my money. Six and a half months go by and I check on the status of my build by phone and I am rudely told to check the status online which I had tried in the past. Finally Ben calls and tells me my gun is almost ready all the Metal work is finished it will be in the next batch for paint, give me about two weeks. Two weeks goes by and I and check the status again, now parts are back ordered the metal work is not done. So obviously I am being lied to.

After much thought I sent a personal message to Will Hayden that I wanted my firearm returned to me by a certain date or I would involve an attorney. I then get a call from Stephanie that ” you dont want this gun like this I have one you’ll love with extras”, I received no explanation of what was wrong with my firearm and I agreed to accept the other and it was shipped to my local dealer. Upon receiving it I noticed the front sight was 5 degrees off, so I sent it back for it to be fixed. So this took a total time of 7 and a half months. I sent them a new gun they screwed that up and what I received was a screwed up used gun. I know this because before I fired it I checked the Barrel and low and behold there is a trail of melted plastic 8 inches long down the barrel."

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