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  • 14th Mar, 2018

Adult Cyberbullying

  • Report #5YCSV
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

My sister got into a dispute via twitter with the ex finance of her current boyfriend. After a hurtful comment was made by this woman concerning my sister losing her child due to a mental break down. My sister was tagged in a tweet labeling her a baby killer. In response she took to her own twitter and started lashing out in a very mean spirited way herself. I told her she was wrong for doing so, no matter what the circumstances. Apparently this woman and her have a very short history, more so connected with the guy.

My concern is not about the tweet a exchanged because she was just as wrong as the woman was. The whole incident was very immature. However, last month my sister sent this woman an email, apologizing for ger behavior and trying to defend her character. That same women took to her blog ( and began posting audio as well as tweets and the email my sister sent her to try to get closure. She also posted my sisters first and last name as well as her email address.

She has continued to label her a babykiller, rag on her character as well makr comments about the state coming in and taking her daughter. In the beginning I did not get involved. Like I stated, I believe my sister was wrong in getting into a petty dispute, but the level this woman has taken it too when my sister was trying to apologize is horrible.

At the end of the email my sister let her know she would not contact her again. She could have left it at that, but instead what she did is used hr emails and whatever else she’s been storing to embarrass her. Not to mention putting her personal info on the internet. She has since then felt the need to get rid of all her social media sites.

My sister may not be perfect, and she could have saved herself a lot of trouble by just ignoring this woman . However, this woman who labels herself as a professional should not be allowed to use her talents against someone in such an evil manner.

In the end she has a right to free speech, but she should also be held accountable."

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