Sajar Camara

  • 18th Mar, 2018
  • $400 Reported Loss

Profiling against minority tenants

  • Report #5YCTN
  • Reporter ANTECIAMPE

Highgrove Apartments in 12433 Admiralty Way Everett WA has the worst management in this entire city. I moved to this apartment in March 2014. The management there then were professional and polite. Then over the years things start getting worse after series of changes at management level. The good managers left and the bad ones came in.

Problems started with my water bill. I started paying about $50 in 2014 and now am paying $100 per month. And it keeps going up. I asked the office where the sudden upward increment to the bill and how do they calculate your water usage. I thought the problem was me so I started using less water. They then told me that they divide it according to house hold.

Out of curiosity I asked my neighbors upstairs, who were like 6 of them, how much they are paying. He told me average $50.00. They are all white. My friend who is also black and resides in same complex is also paying $100 when he is by himself. I could not get the math and I know something wrong is going on here. I complained. Of course, no response.

Then come the repairs. Every time I put a work order took forever to be done. And if they come only half is done and the other half “we don’t have parts, you have to buy your own parts”. Again at the beginning of my lease when there was good staff and manager, I didn’t have these problems.

Just last week they came to fix my light bulbs. They said they are not carrying those type of bulbs anymore so if they go out I have to buy my own. How, I don’t know. They won’t fix my towel holder just because one part is missing and I could not find it. My microwave door broke and I was told I have to replace it with my own money. There was never any mention of doing your own repairs when I was signing the lease. But they told me they have the legal powers to do that. I am not a lawyer to figure that out but I am surprised that they are not obliged to do repairs.

Then the towing. My car was towed twice. First one was my fault because I parked in the wrong spot. I paid it with no arguments. Then come this Sunday they towed my car again without any notice or warning. I parked in the right spot and my permit was properly displayed. I tried to call but office was close on a Sunday. They have no emergency numbers to call, which I found to be unsafe for the residents. I managed to get the towing companies phone number. I called and they told me the manager told them to tow it because she said my permit expired. There was no expired date on my permit so I was wondering if they mistakenly towed my car.

Then I found out that they had sent out notices few months ago telling residents to come and return the blue permit and get the new green permits. They said the notices were placed on our door. I never received any notice. I asked if they mail it. They said no. I asked did you happen to email us as a reminder, they said no. I told them you had my phone number so did you make an effort to call me see if I receive a notice, answer was no. They said the only WA state law only requires them to place notices on your door. But sometimes it gets windy here and might have blown away before I got home, something was what happened in this case. So I never get a notice and there was no effort on their part to contact me. I ended up paying $400 dollars. And they don’t even care.

I also believe that there is no equal treatment of residents. Some of us are treated like crap whilst other residents get all the preferential treatment. When, as a black man, I walked in that office they are rude and don’t care if you have a problem or not. One time I was waiting in the office and they were all talking. All of a sudden another resident walked in. Their attention went to him and not me. I was quick to remind them I was here first. The disrespect is just unbelievable. Therefore I am regarding this place as an unfriendly environment for minorities.

I will never recommend this place for anyone. Highgrove apartments encourage racial profiling and is the worst place I have ever being to. And I think they should be investigated by federal agents."

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