Samir Sawhney, Adeeb Azizi

  • 28th Sep, 2018
  • $25,000 Reported Loss

Samir Sawhney (Arizona, Edmonton) , Adeeb Azizi (California, Edmonton), investment and property managers who ran to the US due to fraud and lawsuits.

  • Report #5YD40
  • Reporter ETIGHOUSSO

These 2 who are originally from AB have taken life savings from the town we’re from used it to form their own fortunes.

There are 2 multi-million dollar lawsuits against them for fraudulent activities in AB.

That’s why they ran to the US.


Samir Sawhney is currently in Arizona and Adeeb Azizi in California.

I encourage anyone read before doing any business with them as we’re talking about MIllions of lost dollars due to funds being misappropriated and mis-management. To date 3 projects worth about 60 million have fore-closed due to fraud, mismanagement of funds.

Pls review the articles and companies that they currently formed.

I encourage you to Google their names and find the lawsuits and read for yourself. Read the articles on them and watch out.

Poor management:

google ‘xcd realty arizona’  and read the reviews- 1.4 stars out of 10

Samir’s company

xcd realty arizona

Adeeb’s company



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  • 10th Oct, 2018
# Author

I have uploaded some snippets of 1 of the current class actions against Samir and Adeeb. Please note, that the lawsuit names the family network as they were all in on the fraudlent activities. As stated in the lawsuit Samir Sawhney and Adeeb Azizi are brother in laws. Praw Sawhney is Samir's father. Denzel Pereira I believe is related to Samir. Seema Sahni is Samir's sister. Veronica Azizi is Adeeb Azizi's sister? This is a network. Pls do your research before you conduct any business with them.