• 8th Jul, 2018

SammyDress Review: A Joke

  • Report #5YCZJ
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY BUSINESS! They staffed by a bunch of unprofessional & incompetent dimwits. The phone number is bogus: it rang busy every time I called for over 4 months. This is what I just emailed to them after placing an order for my daughter for her birthday back in September 2015:

The final item finally arrived on Jan. 21 – FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS after it was ordered AND it wasn’t even the same jacket that I ordered. If I didn’t write to you over & over I’m sure it never would have arrived. I really don’t understand why you sent 4 items and not the fifth at the same time. The first 4 came to the correct address (only after I intercepted and contacted DHL directly) and you STILL said you didn’t have the shipping address after I gave it to you 4 more times, plus I had already changed it when I first placed the order in September. This is unbelievably incompetent and very poor customer service.

Your company is pitiful and I will NEVER place an order with you again and I will be posting about my experience on 4 other websites sites plus on Facebook to inform them about the experience I had to discourage others from giving your company any business. Your company is unprofessional & incompetent and misrepresents the merchandise.

Hopefully I can discourage others from wasting their time or money – I wish I had researched and seen all the negative complaints on many websites before I wasted mine.

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