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  • 28th May, 2018

2 years of charges after I cancelled 3 times?

  • Report #5YD30
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I had started a trial to get our credit score, knowing it would be very low so we could fix our credit. I cancelled after a month and they seemed to had confirmed the cancel, however I did not keep the confirmation number then and had move two times sense. It was a couple months later in mid December saw they were still charging me, I called again and complained and canceled.

I wanted a refund but they could give me one, acting as if I didn’t call or cancel. So believing this time it was cancelled I then continued my life. Then in November of 2015 saw the charge AGAIN. I called and was very upset telling them this is the third time I’m doing this and want to talk to a manager to get my money back. They asked me if my husband signed up and didn’t tell me a month prior in October, I said NO he would not because we had our credit information from last time and haven’t been able to pay on NONE of it because we still were in no position to.

I was very upset because we had just move in Nov and had 3 kids , 3 kids birthdays before Christmas and a deposit for our new place. Again they said it shows only the month of October that we signed up and not before that. It was under now my husbands name and knew right away that was a mistake because my husband would NEVER sign up for something like this as we had our credit report from before with them. I told them that was wrong , and they said again they couldn’t give me NO refund. We cancelled a 3rd time and I got the confirmation number. And what did I find out today while trying to shop for Christmas with my husband today. We were being charged AGAIN!

This company is making people credit WORSE and fraudulently charging people and families like ours has continued to struggle. This has put a huge burden again on my family now as I sit here complaining and trying to get my money back at the time I need it most and its taking so much time from my family and doing things for the holidays. This company should not be legally offering services and allowed to scam people and hurt more innocent families.

This is another greedy company profiting of of hard working struggling families like mine and Something must be done ASAP. The should pay up and close down, as there site is not doing what they had intended to by helping families with credit for a brighter future, yeah right!"

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