Score Sense

  • 28th May, 2018
  • $39 Reported Loss

Don’t care about customers

  • Report #5YD2Y
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I had been a member of Score Sense for about 4 months, along with my wife. We were each billed $39.95 a month. It’s expensive, but I thought it was worth it while looking for a house.

After the 4 months, we decided to wait about 6 months to buy, and wanted to cancel our Score Sense subscription until then. My wife called to cancel and had no issues. I called and the man who answered told me I would not be billed for the month, that I had cancelled in time. I was billed anyway for my membership, so I called back. They put in the refund request, then emailed me saying it was denied.

The whole thing is ridiculous, because as I told them, I would have had both my wife and I sign up for the membership when we buy our house, and we would have kept it at that point. I guess 39.95 once is better than two monthly subscribers to them. It does make me think this is a scam, since no legitimate company would act that way.

I will be looking for another company which actually cares about it’s customers, unlike Score Sense."

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