• 28th May, 2018
  • $180 Reported Loss

Bad value at the very least, predatory is more like it

  • Report #5YD2Z
  • Reporter THARDINHER

My wife is a stroke patient and still has access to email and communicates and reading the email signing a 7 day trial period was easy but reading the $29.95 recurring fee was missed. My personal commitment to myself is I do not sign up for any recurring fee unless I have initiated it.

I had lost probably $500 or more before I learned to say no if I have to initiate the cancellation. Now I say No, send me the info and I will decide if I want to pursue. No mail, phone, email or website promotion will be accepted with ongoing charges will be accepted by me if I have to initiate the cancellation.

I noticed the $29.95 charge on her December statement but forgot about it until her January statement which had the recurring charge. I called to get it cancelled and a confirmation number so we will see what happens next month. My suggestion would to have a legal requirement that solicitations like this to put burden on the solicitor to get the renewal and not put renewal cancellation the responsibility of the customer.

Can’t imagine that would happen due to all the accounts that get subscribed and very few actually want the service or use it. Kind of like gym memberships?"

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