Sharis Berries

  • 22nd Jul, 2018
  • $50 Reported Loss

Stay away from Sharis Berries!

  • Report #5YCXG
  • Reporter HODECTALIO

Stay away from Sharis Berries!Reported Loss = $50.00

I ordered chocolate covered strawberries for a client from Shari’s Berries — When I entered the delivery address, their site showed me a preferred address that was not remotely close to the delivery address I indicated. But I liked the product and the prices are great so I placed the order, checking the box that said I want the gift to go to the address I entered. That night I called them to make sure there would be no problem and the rep said “Our site does that sometimes.”

This morning I called Sharis Berries again because I could not log into my account–their email link would not let me create a password, and the rep, Ronda, said she had NO CLUE how to help me recover or create a password. I told her I was concerned about my delivery given the msg on their site, and she said someone would call me back in an hour. NO ONE CALLED. I had gotten the sense that this was an outsourced rep who was sitting in her living room as she said no one else could speak with me.

So once the hour passed with no call from a supervisor as promised, I called Shari’s Berries back and got another rep, Kate, also probably in her living room, who had no interest in helping me and could not assure me my order would arrive at the address I indicated, so I said I wanted her to CANCEL my order. She said she would delete it but it would take 24-48 hours for the higher ups to approve it and send me a confirmation email. Now my order confirmation came in 20 seconds…the cancellation email can take 2 DAYS! I told her I did not want to see this on my credit card, and she said it may have already posted depending on my bank and it would take 5-7 days to drop off.

She then hung up on me!!!! I checked online complaints for this company and found A TON OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT SHARI’S BERRIES! I now have AMEX keeping an eye on this charge, already posted as authorized, and if it goes through I will call them to cancel.


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