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  • 16th May, 2018
  • $2,000 Reported Loss

Very Disappointed! - Tate Publishing

  • Report #5YCZZ
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

I began my book publishing journey around March of 2014 with Tate Publishing. Within my contract included information for marketing that has not happened. One in particular is a 15 second video creation for my book that was supposed to be placed on TV spots where I was going for an event. I have yet to see that aired or had anyone I spoke with tell me they saw this aired on the local TV stations.

I’ve had speaking events and book signings on the Tate Publishing Calendar in Ohio, Arkansas, and Alabama. I have also had royalty check issues such as them sending me information for my taxes to use in my filing stating I received a certain amount during 2015 in checks from them, and NEVER did.

I got that straightened out, thankfully! They did send me a check for the correct amount, but they stated in the memo section of that check that it was a re-issue. That was NOT true! I never received it in the first place.

Throughout the beginning compilation process, I waited on several occasions to hear back from people that I was working with that never responded back to me only to find out later after calling the switch board operator that they no longer worked for Tate Publishing. Then I was assigned someone else, which held up my publishing process. Whenever I tried contacting the person I was working with directly, which they said I could do and encouraged it, I was sent to their voicemail. There are only four or five times that ANYONE ever answered when I contacted them directly.

They also gave me as a special within my contract a free set up of a Facebook site for my book as well as a free website design. The Facebook site was so simple, and I mean simple, that I created one myself, plus I couldn’t make changes to the one they created for me. The website they created for me was very plain. They said they would send me the user name and password, so I could work with the site on my own adding items I wanted to. Well, after numerous requests for the log in information, I just dropped it and created my own website!

They are supposed to send out a Marketing Report every month. I will say that is not consistent. I keep all my correspondence, and they missed December, 2015, January, and February of 2016 sending me this report. I can count on one hand the book signing events they have obtained for me. I have done 99% of ALL my marketing. They said that my book would be in all the major book stores. It’s available alright, but ONLY if the bookstore requests it. Thankfully, with the book having the ISBN number, all stores can at least order it if someone requests it.

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