Todd C Southerland

  • 1st May, 2018
  • $40 Reported Loss

You dropped the ball

  • Report #5YCRM
  • Reporter XONATHASSI

Purchased a round trip ticket leaving 09/25/15 returning 09/27/15. I was at transit station where i always catch Megabus at 4:25pm. bus was scheduled to leave at 4:55pm stood out there during this time and at 5:00 told a gentleman bus must be 5 minutes late, he said no he just got off the bus i was waiting for it was parked over half way pass the transit station with two city buses in front of Megabus making it impossible to see bus.

No one directed me since it was not in normal location, and the driver new he parked far and made no attempt to announce where bus was, my mother had to come back downtown and take me back to SC. When i called to tell rep about my misfortune, he said i had to but a new ticket. my round trip ticket was 30.00 he told me it was 40.00 for one way ticket, and only hours you were running is 2:55am and 4:55am. i had to be at work so i brought the ticket for 09/28/15 for 02;55am. My dad dropped me off at 2:30 and i stood out in the rain 1 hour and 40 minutes passed scheduled time, with a transit station that was closed.

I am very disappointed in the service and the higher charge for poor service plus the driver never apologized for the tardiness from your company. I need a response ASAP to the situation, and a credit to my card for this poor services. if no reply i will be forced to go directly to corporate.

Respectfully submitted Todd Southerland."

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