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  • 16th May, 2018

Beyond Pissed-Scammers

  • Report #5YD00
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

I just called them four times and I received four different answers. The first person said they can’t help me in anyway because they couldn’t find my account and that was my point. I didn’t order this product.

The second rep said that my bank has to call them and ask them to refund my money. There were two charges that I didn’t approve of. I then asked to speak to a supervisor which were unavailable.

The third person said that they could refund me 50% of the charge, but I want 100% because I never placed the order and never received the product. They said they have a tracking number and that it was placed in my mailbox on a certain date, however their was no signature so they couldn’t actually prove that I received the product, which I didn’t.

Unfortunately they are very difficult to work with, because they refused to give me a refund after arguing with them and then asking to speak to their supervisor and according to them their supervisor wasn’t available even though I was on the phone for over 30 minutes with them..

I just asked them to cancel the order and send me an email to show me it has been cancelled and they won’t even do that.

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