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  • 16th May, 2018
  • $118 Reported Loss

Shady Website

  • Report #5YCZX
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

My checking account has been billed for Testoril product i never order on 11/10/15. I did order the free trial Vydox product for $4.95 shipping & handling.

Now my checking account has been hit with $19.00 & $28.71 plus $4.95 billing even after cancelling my order. I contacted the Customer Services and explained to them that the website kept having pop up promos for Testoril.

I kept clicking the links for no thank you on buying this product. So I never order this product and still got charged for it. After customer service rep again on 11/17/15 , I asked to speak with the manager or supervisor. None of them was available.

This is no way to run a company or website, very shady.

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