Wesley Berry Florist

  • 16th May, 2018

Absolutely Horrible do not render services

  • Report #5YCZY
  • Reporter ROODYMPLAG

I placed an order on the 8th to be delivered on the 10th (my wedding anniversary). After which I called to confirm that the flowers would get there at 10am because my wife was leaving to go out of town for a few days. They confirmed with me that they would be there by 10am, which definitely did not happen. Instead of being there on time they got there after 2pm, even though at 11am I called customer service and asked for them to reschedule my delivery because they didn’t live up to their word and didn’t get them there on time.

I was told that is not an issue, not only would they do that, but they’ll upgrade my order and as a courtesy call my wife and let her know that they dropped the ball. The phone call to my wife didn’t happen, but instead she gets a phone call saying that they are going to be picking the original order up from her house. This was something I was not told when I called to reschedule the delivery.

Only person home is my wife’s 89 year old grandma that can barely walk, how in Gods name can anyone expect her to be able to get the flowers ready? It takes her 30 minutes to walk down a staircase. Needless to say my wife was very upset thinking I didn’t do anything for her on our 2 year anniversary. This company effectively managed to ruin my anniversary and upset my wife. I am sitting in the US and she is in Canada, all I wanted to do was get the flowers there on time so she could feel appreciated.

So I called customer service and got disconnected by them 4 times, left 2 messages and no one got back to me at all. Until I decided that enough is enough and one way or another I will get ahold of someone. After spending 2 hours being disconnected, call after call. I finally get through to someone, they refuse to transfer me to a manager, stating that they don’t talk on the phone with customers. How in Gods name does that make sense? I’m in the customer service industry as a manager, if a customer wants a call escalated then we mandatorily have to escalate the call. Upon refusing me several times I asked for either the managers direct email or someone’s email that will be able to satisfy my complaint. Again and again I got refused but instead I get an apology and 2 options: either to cancel my order and go with another vendor, or a $10 credit. ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME!?

In a space of 3 days I have made over 8/9 phone calls only to hear that as not even a choice but an ultimatum. Lesson learned never doing business with these guys. Word of advice if the reason you are sending someone flowers is really important, do not go with this company. They will only send you for one hell of a ride that you will not appreciate. Learn from my hard times people.

I bet that d**n $10 credit that I didn’t take, that my review will not be on this website. Honestly I’m going to spend my day finding sites to post this review on. These guys have ruined my anniversary, therefore I have no remorse because they don’t even have the decency to fix their problem. Let alone even contact me back.

“All star team of professionals” YEAH RIGHT!

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