Wonder Share

  • 28th May, 2018
  • $65 Reported Loss

You WILL need a Dr. after dealing with these Scammers!

  • Report #5YD31
  • Reporter THARDINHER

I Accidentally erased several videos from my Android phone and needed to retrieve them. There were multiple hits on Google for Wondershare for a program that would retrieve photos, video, data, etc. The program is called Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android.

I downloaded a “trial version” and ran it. It showed frames of several videos and the suggestion was that if you could see it, you could retrieve it. Keep in mind, I did NOTHING with the phone between the time of the accidental erase and the attempted retrieve in order to keep from overwriting anything on the drive.

I purchased the unlock code from Wondershare for $65 (on “special”), then ran the program to retrieve the actual video. The result? About half dozen frame grabs from my videos. Although the file sized “retrieved” were huge – between 400 mb and 2Gb – they actually were nothing but a single frame from my video. Many of the files “retrieved” were not even proper movie files at all and anything I tried to make them so failed miserably.

I tried to keep the faith, and tried again and again and again, using different methods, and even on different computers. I followed every suggestion, not only on their FAQ’s but others on the internet blogs. I stayed up ALL NIGHT and got absolutely NOWHERE.

This is where the fun starts. I logged into my “account’ using the registration provided and opened up a TICKET, explaining the issue, and suggesting a refund was in order.

After 5 days of no response, I tried logging on again. Do you think the log in worked? Nope. I tried resetting the log in info SEVERAL TIMES, each time, the response from the website said “Success! We have emailed you the information to reset your log in!”. NOT! I checked and checked and checked my email, my junk box and made sure the spam filter didn’t block it. It’s total BS!! I’m sure I’m on some sort of “IGNORE” list they have, where they just string you along while they spend your hard earned cash for this excuse of what they call “software”.

They have won. They have stolen my money and made it impossible to even contact them. They WILL do the same to you. Ignore this story at your own Peril."

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