The Boyd Capital Group LLC Birmingham, Alabama, US

  • 15th Oct, 2017

You have been warned! Do business with Boyd Capital Group LLC at your own risk!

  • Report #5YC9J
  • Reporter AMMERBONOL

Back in December 2015, we were looking to refinance our mortgage on a second home so we approached Boyd Capital Group in Alabama for the process. I spoke to Reginald on 4242399246 who gave me a detailed list of all the information and documents that would be needed for the refinancing. The following week I was ready with all the financial information and he made me fill in the loan application and sign it along with a score of other related documents. We noticed a lot of errors on the documents and pointed that out to Reginald who basically mocked me and got offensive saying that he is highly experienced in his field and we should just let him do his job. Even if I disregard this interaction, the amount of delays by Boyd Capital Group in processing my refinance reeks of their incompetent employees and poor service quality.

We contacted Reginald about the delays which was almost two weeks by then and he started blming his colleagues that they had screwed up on certain processes and hence the delays. He told us that he would speed up the process now since we had lost valuable time due to his fellow employees. Huh? Who blames his colleagues flat out in front of a customer? A week after Reginald who was handling my refinance called me to ask for further documentation that he needed to submit my application. I was visibly livid about the fact that that it took him three weeks to realize that documentation was incomplete.

Why can you not plan in advance and give me a detailed list of all the documents you are going to need all at once instead of coming back to me at regular intervals and asking for additional ones? The documentation process took so long that by the time he was actually ready to submit my application, one of the earlier documents would expire and this happened not just once but close to three times in the whole process. I had to email Reginald and tell him to literally have a check list ready before he got around to submitting my application with the required documents.

I should have realized at the beginning that this was a haphazard business outfit and I should not have expected professionalism out of someone who has no code of conduct or a standard operating procedure for submitting loan applications. Reginald’s lackadaisical approach to my refinancing has basically given me sleepless nights where I receive another request for further documents needed and I have to run about town to get that sorted. Was one of the most harrowing times of my life.

Let me not even get started on the errors that followed – the amounts charged to me on the US HUD were erroneous beyond belief, the title was incorrect, the signing instructions had not been adhered to and the list goes on. I have yet to actually sign my loan documents and I’m stuck with them as I have put in way too much effort and I need to see this through till the end. But I do not recommend anyone to have to deal with such idiots ever!

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