Apple Banana Cash Kiayho, Alabama, US

Apple Banana Cash is a scam

  • Report #5YD4Z
  • Reporter LOGINEOROU

Apple Banana Cash is a scam and conned me $50,000. 


Last year I was stopped by at a booth. The lady behind the booth told me that she works for Apple Banana Cash. They provide incredible investment opportunity for individuals, with a return of 15%. I was financially frustrated so I got enticed. The program was to invest at least $10,000 to loan to some smal business. They are the type of business that could not get a loan from bank so would willing to pay a much higher interest borrowing money from private lenders. I was encouraged to borrow from my family and friends, and get 15% return and my principle in 1 year.

The second week I gave them my money, and have all contracts signed, they disappeared. Now I have 50,000 debt to repay. I am divored, and don't have a full-time job. I take works from here and there to support my 2 kids. I have no where to go and am devastated.



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