Michael David Palance Phoenix, AZ, US

  • 25th Jul, 2019
  • $6,500 Reported Loss

Beware of Premiere Events & Michael Palance

  • Report #5YDBA
  • Reporter ETRICTRAIG

Beware! Michael Palance’s famous event called the ‘Premiere Event’ is running a huge scam. They make false promises to the parents and the kids. They give them false hope and steal their money. Michael Palance is notorious for running multiple scouting scams under different names. I know it because I’ve been following the guy for quite some time. His ‘Premiere Event’ isn’t a local scam too. He is running it on a large scale, stealing money from ambitious parents and fooling them with vague excuses. 

Imagine you’re a dad who knows his daughter has a knack for acting. You see an ad for a scouting service which claims that 90% of its attendees get representation. They also claim that your child might get a chance to work with Disney. Excited by the offer, you contact them and you come to find out that you have to go to LA (or some other place) for an audition. You spend a lot of money on accommodation, flight tickets, etc. and help your kid give the audition. When the audition is complete, they tell you that you can take one of their packages for letting your child proceed further. Their packages aren’t cheap. They start at around $2,000 and go up to $10,000. Now, as a parent, what would your reaction be when you know that talent agencies don’t ask for an upfront fee. 

Also, there’s no guarantee after paying that fee that your child will get a real gig. It’s just a compulsory fee you have to pay if you want to get your child more chances. The trip you would’ve made in the above example, for giving the audition, would’ve lasted for 7 days minimum. Imagine the financial burden one has to bear for a simple audition, which doesn’t even offer anything. 

Many parents have shared their experiences online on different platforms. One parent shared their experience on Ripoff Report, explaining how they spent $5000 for getting the audition and ended up disappointed.

They had first heard about an audition in New York so they gave a call to Michael’s company. They were told to attend the event. Michael told the parents at the event that ‘by attending they will get representation’. Michael also told them that it was the safest way to enter the showbiz. Their child had passed two auditions after which, they were asked to get the $3000-$4000 packages. They opted for the $1995 package and paid an additional fee of $895 to bring a family member along. They paid a lot for accommodation and travel. 

They had to bear all the expenses of their stay. And after the auditions, they didn’t receive any representation. All they receive was one call back which didn’t even lead to anything. They also mentioned how other parents were mad and disappointed with Michael’s company. 

You can understand how many parents have lost thousands of dollars to these scammers. Think what you like, I believe Michael is a scammer and other parents should be made aware of this issue.

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