Michael David Palance Phoenix, AZ, US

  • 9th Aug, 2019
  • $12,000 Reported Loss

Failed to pay for reputation management

  • Report #5YDB1
  • Reporter NIANDYDEFO

Michale David Palance, of Premiere Event, is a fraud.

He and his people hired us to remove certain complaints and videos online. But even when we did remove the videos and the complaints, he stopped taking our calls and did not pay us.

He owes us $10,000 now.

So it is time that we expose him and his organisation and activities.

SOme of the videos we removed were alleging that Michal David Palance has sexually harassed small children who come to his auditions. That is immoral, but we thought it might be fake. But now we know, by talking to his secretary, that all those allegations were true.

Michal David Palance is a sexual offender, and no one should leave their children with him for more than 10 seconds unattended.

All the allegations regarding child audition scams are true and he had hired us to remove all thiose links. 

For this, we were asked to commit cyber crime and file fake DMCA notices which we did. We got paid for some of those videos.

But not anymore. He owes us 10k and he needs to pay us now.

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