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  • 6th Feb, 2019

Fake Child Talent Showcases by Michael Palance

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Michael David Palance is a leading American actor and producer. Commencing his professional career as a teenager in the New York theatre and television in the mid-’80s, he achieved early success in day time soap operas namely Ryan’s Hope, One Life to Live, etc. In 1991, Palance relocated to Los Angeles to pursue work in film productions and educational acting programs and founded and launched Emperor Films to produce music videos and commercials. 

Currently, Michael Palance is serving as an executive producer of My Hollywood, a reality television show, which features families from around the world and their struggles as they pursue opportunities to enter the entertainment industry as well as CEO of Premiere which hosts the largest child talent and audition showcase in the entertainment industry. The highly revered or must say the Overhyped interview weekends held at Walt Disney World provide children with the experience to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry while offering parents unique insights and understanding of the factors that drive success. Premiere’s ability to use mentoring the children build their self-esteem, self-confidence and advanced life skills is utter rubbish. 

I, one of the few parents who experienced his Premiere Event is a total scam, to say the least!

It happened in the Melbourne Premiere Event. A Facebook sponsored post calling all children to audition for their “chance to meet Disney Channel Stars” appeared in one of the news feeds. We got very intrigued to click the post and it said, “Does your child dream of becoming a Disney Channel Star? We are coming to Melbourne”, the post read. We clicked the link and it took us to an audition form which asks if you would like to meet stars like Skai Jackson or Ariana Grande. If you love the Disney shows and channels like Bunk’d or Jessie, be one of the first 200 callers to schedule your audition right now! The site encourages in such a manner that you definitely feel like getting shortlisted and gets caught in your dream spell. 

Hundreds of families had come along with their children including us to a casting session hosted by an American talent agent a month ago in the hope of turning their sons and daughters into television stars for a fee ranging from $2000 to $4000. The event at the 5-star hotel was organized by Michael David Palance, CEO of Premiere Event.

I, as a new parent instantly was glued to what is this all about Premiere Event? Around 2000 people attended the event and I was given a number to pin to my child’s shirt and a short script to rehearse.

The excitement had built up all around the rooms, dozens of children went over their lines. Then the lights dimmed and Mr. Palance entered the room introducing himself. He started bragging about his achievements and success and for the next 20 minutes, he ran slides and clips of the successful artists he had discovered. The process included reading a few lines of script in front of Mr. Palance and his team, and then they would finally decide if you were good enough to go through to the next evaluation

That process built up our lot of hopes until we could actually experience the price to pay! The price list ranged from $2000 to $4000 and if he liked the child he would sign them on his books. The price list is on the Premiere website too. 

Shortly after Mr. Palance speech, we were ushered into the room full of people and judges and when my daughter’s turn came, she walked up and read her lines and by god’s grace, she was shortlisted. It just took 30 seconds for Palance to select her. But in hand came, Pay BIG for a shot at stardom!! The fees ranging from $2000 to $6000 seemed exorbitant to us. And what struggles we kept in mind and took out loans to finance our child’s involvement. We chose to go on a payment option while paying a finance charge, we wasted ourselves hundreds of dollars in it. And then the end result was our child acted in one of the TV commercials.

Take my note and be happy if you are not shortlisted because we had an absolute bad experience of not knowing what to expect! This Premiere event is a total scam where invaluable service is provided in exchange for a fee. The event doesn’t attempt to be as transparent as possible with services being offered and the fee structure. The first and foremost clicks in our mind are why fees are necessary to attend and accept the invitation to Premiere Event. And then at the end, we are coming to know that the Premiere Event has no affiliations with Disney. These auditions which took place in many countries like New Zealand, UK, US, etc are in no way associated with or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company or Disney Channel. I really feel and experienced Premiere’s audition process as a scam because its practices are far from scrupulous. With that, these auditions are time-consuming and full of waste of money. Though my daughter appeared in one of the TV commercials as a side character and the claim the company makes that it is not a talent agency but an art competition designed to showcase young talents is utter rubbish and nonsense.  With such exposure, children get demotivated and lack self-respect and self-confidence. My child developed low confidence and was demotivated to the core. The enthusiasm is completely lost. It also seemed like network marketing as they were waiting for money eagerly. 

I must conclude, it’s a global scouting company only for money sake. It’s a total scam created by Michael Palance who acts as a money digger from innocent people and families. I request all of you to stay away from such dirty practices happening in the name of Walt Disney World. It should be exactly phrased as, “In life, you get what you pay for!”  


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