Michael David Palance Phoenix, AZ, US

  • 19th Mar, 2019
  • $7,500 Reported Loss

He is scamming children for God’s sake!

  • Report #5YDBC
  • Reporter UPENGSTICE

Parents Alert! Don’t trust calls from the Celebrity Experience right away.

The Celebrity Experience is a company owned by Michael Palance. To be honest, I don’t trust this guy. I have seen numerous cases of parents complaining of getting scammed by his companies. This guy gives false hope to innocent families by claiming that he will make their child a Disney star. 

There could be some truth in that claim but the way he advertises it is not only misleading but highly dangerous. 

Numerous kinds of scams have come up recently but this one has survived the longest. Take a look at their reviews online and you’ll get an idea. The number of parents who have been victimized by the Celebrity Experience of Michael Palance is huge. 

Moreover, you can’t be certain of how many people have been scammed by this organization because not every person shares his or her experience online. 

This scam is designed in such a way, that not many people would consider it a scam at first. They advertise their services on the radio. And those who are interested in giving their child a chance at stardom give them a call.

In most cases, the parents get a callback. And that’s when the real scam begins. I’m mentioning it as a scam because, in my eyes, it is. You’d begin to think of it as a scam too after you read this entire piece.

When the parents get a callback, they are told that they will have to come to LA, arrange for their accommodation and give an audition. It’s quite expensive to travel to a city like LA, stay there for a few days and then travel back. Some people allege that Michael’s company could have a tie-up with the hotels in the area due to the number of customers they provide to the same. Until this time, one wouldn’t suspect a thing. The reality comes up later on, after the audition. 

When the child gives the audition, the judges there offer the parent (or the guardian) several packages. They all cost a few grand. 

Now, any legitimate talent agency doesn’t ask for a fee upfront. This is even mentioned in the reviews of this company. People know that legit agencies don’t ask for a fee before signing the client. They take any money after they have provided a gig to the client (who is a child in this case). 

They have other ways of extracting money from the pockets of the parents as well. They ask them to get their child enrolled in one of their classes or get some new headshots at their studio.

They charge hefty sums for all of these services. In my opinion, Michael Palance is running a heinous scam which should be shut down immediately. He is scamming children for God’s sake! How greedy can a man be to lie to children and give them false hope? 


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