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  • 12th Jun, 2019
  • $6,000 Reported Loss

How Michael Palance’s Organization backed Off a Lawsuit against BizParents

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If you’re a parent and you haven’t heard of Michael Palance then you’re in luck. Michael Palance runs the notorious ‘The’ and ‘Act’ talent agencies and the organization called ‘Premiere’. 

His company runs ads on radio and other platforms claiming that they can help your kid get a successful audition and even a chance to star in a Disney show. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? I could’ve fallen prey to their advertisements but BizParentz got into the matter just in time.

How BizParentz saved parents? 

BizParentz is a non-profit organization which saves parents and children from scams in the show business. In 2009, ‘The’ and ‘Act’ had filed defamation lawsuits against this organization.

They claimed that the website of BizParentz had plenty of false and misleading statements which damaged the reputation of Michael’s companies. 

They also alleged that the founders of BizParentz were telling reporters that these companies were scams and that they had a poor rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). BizParentz had said some things about these companies. I guess they must’ve seen several cases of scam and fraud. 

Some people thought BizParentz was lying and some didn’t. I thought they were telling the truth. 

What happened with the lawsuit?

Michael Palance’s companies had filed these lawsuits in the hope that BizParentz will back off and revert on those statements. They were just to intimidate the organization. 

That’s because when BizParentz was granted a motion to transfer the case from the Federal Court in Connecticut to the United States District Court in the Central District of California, they withdrew the case.

‘The’ and ‘Act’ withdrew their cases because they failed to mediate the situation and they realized that an anti-SLAPP motion could be filed against them. 

Why did I mention this incident?

Michael Palance’s companies are notorious for scamming parents and families. If it wasn’t for those statements made by BizParentz, I might’ve fallen prey to these guys as well.

The way Michael’s companies backed off those companies only indicates that they were in the wrong. They must’ve been afraid that the truth might get revealed and their efforts might get ruined.

To avoid embarrassment and to save face, those guys backed off those cases. 

I hope this incident could help you in avoiding such scams. Don’t believe those radio advertisements and those ‘too good to be true’ claims. I’m pretty sure you’d be able to save a lot of money with such precautions.

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