Michael David Palance Phoenix, AZ, US

  • 6th Aug, 2019
  • $5,000 Reported Loss

Just a regular scammer

  • Report #5YDBB
  • Reporter RUCLAINITE

Michael Palance’s company has been running its ads lately and you must remember: IT IS A SCAM. Many parents have complained about this company but due to his influence and hideous ways, it’s still running freely. It’s a major scam and just one incidence is enough to prove the same. 

In 2010, Michael’s company ‘The’ had filed a defamation lawsuit against the Better Business Bureau. He alleged that one of BBB’s press releases was causing parents to cancel their auditions and avoid the talent competitions his company conducts. Michael’s lawsuit was dismissed after they failed to prove their defamation and because BBB was filing for an anti-SLAPP countersuit. Here are the details of this incidence:

Michael had bought ‘The’ from a Nevada-based company called NedGam Productions. At that time ‘The’ had the lowest BBB rating possible, F. Multiple complaints had been registered against it and it wasn’t looking good at all. Michael’s company claimed that they had tried to improve this organization’s reputation but I don’t think it worked. So, instead of working on the existing complaints, they just started organizing new events. They released an ad on the radio and BBB got alert. They issued a press release just before the event was supposed to take place alerting the parents that the organizing company ‘The’ has a terrible rating. They mentioned ‘The’ as a sometimes controversial Arizona company. They also mentioned a legal case in which ‘The’ had to pay $25,000 to the state and issue consumer refunds. 

Apart from this press release, the BBB had issued a story about this company as well. They mentioned in the story that the event was just to sign up the kids at other costly events. In other words, they were alerting the parents that it’s a phoney event meant to lure them into a scam. 

In retaliation to these actions of BBB, Michael’s company filed a defamation and torturous interference lawsuit. They alleged that the BBB was spreading false information about their event which led to significant losses. As I said earlier, Michael’s lawsuit was dismissed and they ended up paying a fine. 

But let me clarify how it shows that Michael’s companies are nothing but a scam. First, they weren’t able to prove that BBB was telling lies. In other words, BBB was telling the truth and their event was in fact, meant to lure people into signing up for costly events. 

To top it all off, Michael’s companies didn’t file a lawsuit against BBB’s claim that they were scams. They just filed a defamation lawsuit. They weren’t fighting the fact that they were organizing misleading marketing events. If that doesn’t say they are scammers then I don’t know what does. 

I explained this incidence because I’ve seen parents lose their money. Look them up online and you’ll see plenty of complaints against Michael’s companies. Even now, they have a terrible rating on BBB. Beware and be safe.

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