Michael David Palance Phoenix, AZ, US

  • 10th Aug, 2019
  • $7,000 Reported Loss

Stay Away from Michael Palance and THE EVENT

  • Report #5YDB9
  • Reporter ESPEREEKTO

Would you trust Michael Palance and THE EVENT with your kid's acting career?

Definitely no. Why would you expose your children to that pedophileic world. Saying its a scam is probably a smoke screen because something more sinister was occurring.. Parents beware be very aware of the these industries.

We went... one thing that the host "performer" said before he took the first rows of families into the evaluation room was " the children's eyes are windows to their souls and I can tell if your child comes from a dysfunctional family or not just by looking into their eyes" he then went on to say how he was going to weed out all the riffraff. I sat there in shock as I couldn't believe what he was saying.

What they do: Advertise "auditions for Disney Shows" and flaunt PAID celebrities around to help their sales. They even use Disney scripts (which are strictly copy written against companies using them to make money) like scripts from Jessi, etc. which gives the illusion that they are linked to these shows. Once they have "passed" the audition they are asked for literally THOUSANDS of dollars in US funds in the matter of 24 hours!

Who they are: Michael Palance , the founder of THE EVENT, Official Premiere, Premiere Event...whatever new name they can come up with,  which succeeded in obtaining horrible reviews from local families and industry professionals alike. They keep doing the same scam but under different names. First it was John Robert Powers and i-POP then it was "The Event" and then their latest brain child "Premiere". They all have the same price points the same people operating them and the same dismal results.

Please help us get the word out and beware of Michael Palance.

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