Merit Gold & Silver Los Angeles, CA, US

  • 26th Oct, 2017
  • $10,000 Reported Loss

Merit Gold & Silver have extremely pushy sales rep, who feed you false information just to make a sale.

  • Report #5YC7I
  • Reporter UGANIAHAGG

Merit Gold and Silver are frauds. I bought silver bullion from them in July last year. The main reason to opt from them was because they were supposedly cheaper than my local vendor. The sales rep Peter Diamond was very persuasive and tried to get me to buy collectors coins in place of silver bullion. I have been buying silver and gold for over a decade now and I know the value of bullion and collector’s coins.

The sales rep told a whole lot of crap about collector’s coins, which were nothing more than bull sh*t. He seemed to have no knowledge about it and was just making a sales pitch. I tried gently refusing but the sales rep was extremely pushy and I had to raise my voice to tell him I didn’t care about collector’s coins; only then did he agree to proceed with what I actually wanted. I told him I wanted silver bullions worth $10,000. At the time of purchase the sales rep Peter Diamond told me that if the price of silver fluctuates in the next 5 days, I could always utilize the opportunity and get more silver for the money had paid.

I made a check payment and within 5 days the price of silver dropped. So I called Peter Diamond and enquired about the same, he was most cordial and told me that they would add 3 more coins given the fluctuations thus increasing the amount of silver for the same price. I got a phone confirmation of the same.

I was pretty happy with their service and was looking forward to receiving the silver that was to reach me within the next 10 days. Days passed but the silver didn’t arrive. At this point I called Peter Diamond again, he said there was a delay but I needn’t worry as the silver has been dispatched that day. After 45 days from the original date of delivery the silver arrives and it doesn’t have the 3 extra pieces of silver that was committed by Merit Gold and Silver.

On calling Peter Diamond, he tells that there is no such policy, to which I send him the phone confirmation that was sent by Merit Gold, he hangs up. I try and get in touch with Mike Getlin, the manager but there is no use, he just doesn’t answer to mail or phone. I sent several written complaints to [email protected] but still no reply. If the prices of silver had gone up, I am sure they would charge me for that or reduced the amount of silver, why can’t they hold her end of the bargain. They don’t care about the fact that they delay the delivery and just give some BS excuse as to why the product couldn’t be delivered. There is something dubious about this company, it is wise to keep away from them.

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