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  • 12th Oct, 2017

Gary DiGrazia and his course scam makes money - but only for HIM

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Diamond Farming Probate System course by Gary DiGrazia, founder of is just another tiresome scamming course system boasting claims that even someone with no prior real estate marketing skills can make millions of dollars from.

There are so many things wrong with this course that people can easily and justifiably consider it a SCAM.

To begin with, Gary DiGrazia claims they show you how to make quick cash. He then charges $500. This is a typically terrible course with antiquated methods (made in 1991. PEOPLE!!!) that no longer yields any results. Gary DiGrazia sends you against everyone else who works the real estate market and probate system, with YEARS of experience and all you get is a half-ass course with useless info.

Checked one of his short preview videos. The presentation is so laughable that I couldn’t stop watching it! They tell you that the probate home is often vacant. And that the heirs are in fact about possible vandalism and that they want the property sold as fast as possible.  What is this…the Stone Age? Are they afraid of the hordes of villagers that would rob the place!? AND that's where the big bucks are...yeah...right! What he forgets to mention is that the big cash payout is only waiting for him and his team and YOU will be the one to finance it.

During this course, no one explains that real estate investing is not an easy option and it requires a lot of motivation, perseverance, and drive to carry on with it. It does not repay quickly.

After the annoying voice walkthrough, they take you right to their billing page – still without having explained anything useful – where they offer to charge a special fee if you wanna have a tutor for more "useful" tips. This is basically the horrible nightmare you will go through with the Gary DiGrazia fraud!!!

After you put your credit card info then click to continue for the first, the following page says your transaction with Diamond Farming Probate System has failed. BUT, they have recorded your info and you cannot remove it from there! That's not the worst of it, though.

Now that they have your info, they keep on charging you monthly without any qualms and thinking about reaching out to a living person for your cash back is a futile effort. Your only choice is to cancel your account and card number. Thousands of dollars later, you find that they are fucking nowhere in sight when you want your cash back.

The figures they throw at you quickly in their video are murky and don’t add up. It seems they don’t care and most likely figure that somebody will always fall for something like this. They need victims to make money on before they get smart.

Gary DiGrazia and his scam course are not to be trusted in ANY way, shape or form. Stay far away from this quick-to-get-rich course scam.

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