Darwin Horan - Ventana Capital Denver, Colorado, US

  • 28th Aug, 2018
  • $80,000 Reported Loss

Full fledged fraudster and scamster

  • Report #5YD3K
  • Reporter IABLECERIT

Darwin Horan, President and CEO of Ventana Capital, is conducting a complete scale fraud in the home construction and land development industry. He controls 12,000 acres of property, 180,000 square feet of office buildings, over $200 million of assets and contains 17 subdivisions underway, making Ventana Capital's real estate portfolio among the biggest in Colorado. He is a total scam, promoting lands and properties that are not available. Beware to pay him upfront fees for all the fancy terms he uses.. he is a sophisticated scam artist. By the way he is cheating on a regular basis, on his spouse! I have suffered a Monetary Loss of more than $80000.

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