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  • 18th Mar, 2019

Is it the Jt Foxx Organization or the JT Foxx Cult ?

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It’s a question you may want to ask yourself.


There’s the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to the JT Foxx ‘organization.’ Heres’ the good. I’ve worked with some great coaches (like Rose Chastain), been to some good events and gained some valuable information (although to be honest, nothing that isn’t available on the internet already).

However, here’s why they’ll never see another penny from me and why you should think very carefully before signing up with them:

Having invested an initial $19 000, my first call with their (then) head coach, Markus Geier, was less than underwhelming. His opening gambit was to tell me that he hadn’t had the time to read the form he’d sent me to complete in preparation for our meeting, so “why didn’t I just tell him in my own words.” Seriously – you don’t have 5 minutes to read what took me 3-4 hours to carefully consider and fill out when I’ve invested (what to me is a) considerable chunk of change and I’m meant to be an impressed customer? When I expressed to him that this was unacceptable, he only needed 5 minutes to scan it – and call me back. Hardly the operation you’d expect from the self-proclaimed worlds no 1 coaching organization. This was the beginning of the bad and here’s another.

The very impressively packaged ‘JT Foxx #1 Signature Program: Results don’t lie’ might have good information, but for someone who prides himself on being the World’s No 1 wealth coach, the audio is of surprisingly low quality with multiple parts where you can’t hear the track, and references to a document that never came with the product.

And here’s where it starts to get ugly. My package included 2 days of coaching. Having had the first full day – I knew this was too overwhelming for me, so I requested that my second day be converted into ongoing sessions rather than a single day. I did not know that in so doing, an 8-hour day of coaching would be summarily converted into 8 x 30 minute sessions because (as I was later told) “that’s the rule.” This does not seem like a fair way to treat ‘family’ as JT Foxx likes to call his customers. Eventually (and only because I insistently kept emailing and because I hadn’t signed an acceptance of these terms), they agreed to ‘gift’ me another 4 x 30 minute sessions which, I suppose I was meant to applaud and be happy with when in reality I’d paid for 2 full days, so no, I’m afraid I still felt robbed.

But these things were small in comparison to what came next. At the 2017 Mega Success (which was a good event overall except for some crowd management that sometimes had me fearing someone would be crushed), I found that my values started to seriously clash with the values of the JT Foxx organization. From the stage, JT went on at length lauding his (then) CEO Damien Elston for having only just got out of hospital after a heart problem, and still having to have treatment backstage in order to be there whilst using it as an example and berating others for ‘their lack of loyalty which he assured everyone he would remember’ and using the ‘excuse’ that they had a health problem and couldn’t make it to the event. I’d like to think that your CEO’s and your client’s health and well-being would have been your first concern.

But it got worse. The package I’d bought included photos for myself and my husband with the line-up of celebrities but in the line to have these photographs taken my husband was pulled out of the line and not allowed to have his photographs taken unless he was “wearing a JT Foxx tie”. Nowhere in the contract does it state that wearing a JT Foxx tie was a requirement. We were then told it was required as a “sign of respect towards JT”. What? We were being denied something we’d paid for because we didn’t want to obediently go to the ‘tie’ desk and buy a tie my husband would never wear except to take these photographs? He was denied access because he didn’t want to ‘bow to the guru’s’ demands???? As one person from the organization so aptly put it when I discussed this with them, it has the feeling of a cult. I couldn’t agree more.

These photographs with celebrities were marketed to us as what we’d use to build our brand. All very well, however be aware that every photograph has JT Foxx branding in the background plus JT dressed in any array of costumes in your pictures which may not exactly be conducive to building you individual brand. Look they are a sales/branding company, and they are extremely good at that, so I can’t fault them for using every opportunity to brand themselves. Just know up front that if you pay handsomely to speak on the JT stage or interview a celebrity – all images and video come with JT Foxx branding that you cannot remove . And maybe that’s fine for you – but it’s just good to know up front because you wouldn’t know that from anything in your contract or what you’re told.

Admittedly, Mega Success it was a great event, and there were a great bunch of celebrities. And like an idiot (I know you’re shaking your head and so am I), in the heat of the moment (believe me it’s easy to get swept up – they truly ARE master salesmen), having checked my calendar to see that I was able to make the dates they announced for the 2018 event, I scurried to join the other lemmings in that dark corner in the back and booked and paid again for the next 2018 Mega Success all access.

If all that I’ve mentioned isn’t ugly enough, it was about to get a lot worse. Four months later I was asked if my husband would be accompanying me to Mega Success and and it was only at this time that I thought to query if he would once again be pulled from the line if he didn’t wear a JT Foxx tie. After a few days the answer came back that indeed (even though it is not stated anywhere in the contract) YES he would be required to wear a JT Foxx tie again it was repeated to me “as a sign of respect to JT”. More cult-like demands. So determined are they for people to have to wear a JT Foxx tie that they even mailed us 2 for free, completely missing the point. I pondered the words of the JT Foxx employee who wrote at the end of his letter: “Thank you for being a part of our family’. At the core of it was my many thoughts around what the word ‘family’ entails. The kind of family I want to belong to has each other’s backs, they do what’s morally right, they have integrity, do what they say they’re going to and they do what’s fair.

Then the truly ugly part started when we were all told (4 months after booking) that the JT Foxx organization had changed the dates for next year’s Mega success to dates that we were no longer able to attend. I advised the company and requested a refund and was told my contract states that : “no refund will be accepted after three business days from the date of purchase.”

I replied: “It is not my attendance that is the issue here – it is the ticket seller changing the dates from the ones they originally gave that is causing this issue. My contract does not state that there is no refund even if the organizers are the ones responsible for changing the date four months (and not within the 3 day refund period) after they announced the original dates to one that I am unable to attend. Nor does it state that if the organizers change it only a credit for other services will be given. I would suggest that this verbiage be added to future agreements. JT Foxx had ample time to arrange the 2018 mega success before mega success to give us accurate dates. I understood when I paid that I would not be entitled to a refund if I was unable to fulfill my obligation to attend the dates you gave us which was why I only booked AFTER checking that the dates given were ones we were able to attend. My reason for paying for this specific event was for the celebrity photographs – I would therefore would like a refund and not a credit for other services of products.”

I received the following reply from the companies Director of Quality Assurance, Ralph Thompson: “ I am in receipt of your email regarding the Mega Success Event this November. As you may know, our event sales contract state that we do not provide refunds or credits for non-attendance. However, I will make an exception and we will give a credit, which can be used for any of our products or events. I ask that you keep this arrangement confidential.” Now remember, had they given us these new dates at the time, we would not have booked. And remember this is now 4 months later. So I have to request a refund within 3 days, but they can summarily change the dates 4 months later, and still refuse to refund me? So they weren’t organized enough to check the dates and book the venue and do whatever else before announcing and taking bookings for a major event, but I’m the one that gets punished? And worse still they act like they are doing me this huge favor by ‘making an exception and giving me a credit towards other products and events.”

As I said to director Eric Easterwood about JT’s propensity to call his organization a ‘family’: “Sounds very much like a family with over-authoritarian, over-domineering, over-controlling values….. It’s simply immoral, wrong and unfair and totally NOT anything like the family I want to be a part of.”

And our $5100 (plus making up for a celebrity picture that wasn’t available) bought a whopping 6 x 30 telephonic phone sessions of coaching (oh they later upped this to 8 x30 or one day), which were not initially credited to my account until I followed up months later.

So here’s the moral of the story (and I’m saying this as much to you reading this as to myself seen as I clearly needed this advice before hauling out my wallet): Think very carefully before opening your wallet for the JT Foxx organization, especially in the heat of an excited moment because you may not get what you paid for and even if it’s their fault, you will most certainly get the run around if you ever try to get a refund. Even reporting them to the Better Business Bureau in Florida (BBB Complaint Case# 67399819 (Ref#1-90321501-67399819-23-3200:https://westflorida.app.bbb.org/complaint/view/67399819/c/u3n67k) resulted in naught. Yes, I could have gone for arbitration ….in Florida…but by the time I’d paid for all that it wouldn’t have been worth it.

So, if you like dealing with a duplicitous company that has double standards (all in their favor) and who have a cult-like feel, feel free to invest in them but they will never see a penny from me ever again.

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