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My name is Frances, I’m a seamstress and I stay at Daytona Beach, Florida. Last January, on a rather busy Monday, I got a call from offering insurance on my Honda that I had owned for nearly 5 years. I told them that I was interested but in a hurry and the salesman, being a salesman wouldn’t stop pitching. He said that he had a great deal for me and the price sounded interesting. I was pissed off because the sales guy wouldn’t listen when I said I was busy. Losing my cool I hung up.

A week later I got a call again, I was in a much better position to hear their deals and terms and this time round agreed, which was my biggest mistake. I should have taken the persistent sales guy as a cue to avoid this company altogether. Their terms seemed rather interesting and I ended up falling for their trap.

Starting February 2015, I started paying the premiums that amounted to nearly $150. Things were going fine till my car window motor gave up. This was the first time I called and I was told that I wasn’t covered with them. I was going through a personal crisis and this only added fuel to fire. I called them again with all the documentation and this time they said I was covered for the same. I go to my local repair shop just to realize that they didn’t recognize After a lot of fuss, I managed to find a shop that would accept my policy and worse I had to pay 50% of the cost as the morons at goofed up.

Things got worse in June when my car stopped midway and I decided to choose their towing service. I called the customer service at 866-773-0221. Again I was told that they couldn’t find my details on their server, which seemed to be a common occurrence with them. After holding the line for nearly half an hour I was told that there was some error and I should call back. I was on the middle of a rather busy road and I was made to wait to get some help. Eventually they managed to get my details and said they would send someone to pick my vehicle from the said location. After a really long wait of two hours causing enough traffic did I manage to get someone to tow my car and take it to the nearest garage.

The guys at the garage told me that they needed to replace a couple of parts and when I asked about the parts, he said that these were very generic parts that are covered by almost all insurance and that I wouldn’t have an issue. I called ProtectMyCar just to be doubly sure and I was told that my policy did cover those parts. But the problem started when they had to pay. ProtectMyCar just refused to pass the claim, they argued that I couldn’t make the claim as I had already made the claim that year for the same parts. I was forced to call their customer service and I insisted that I hadn’t made any claim they just refused to let the claim pass and argued that it showed I had made a claim at their end. It was amazing that they just insisted that I had made a claim for the parts when I never had and they kept arguing.

I asked to speak to a senior and was transferred to Noel Aponte who said he was the Claims Manager. I told him that I had never made a claim and still his staff insisted that I had, I even mailed him a copy of my insurance and the bills from the auto repairs company. He said he would look into it. I had already made the payments to auto repair company as I needed my car immediately and couldn’t wait for ProtectMyCar to pass the claims.

It has been a month since I called Noel the Claims Manager and I have yet to receive a reply. I have been following up with but they still keep insisting that I have made a claim though I have never. I have resigned to the fact that has no intention to pass my claims, they never had any intentions to from the start. I wish I had checked the reviews of prior to getting insured with them, they have enough bad reviews and complaints to scare a saint. I have stopped my insurance with them and moved to a better insurer. Please don’t go for unless you just want to waste your money on those jerks.

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