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Better reception, but not better customer service

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I got my new Iphone 7plus in the mail. I had a 5S thru AT & T and wasn’t real savvy on that phone and thought I’d better go to my nearest store to get some assistance on how to move everything over to the new phone. I hadn’t backed anything up so wasn’t sure what to do.

I walk in – it was pretty quiet. I approach the counter and a man asks if I need help finding a phone. I told him I ordered a phone through the website and was hoping for assistance. He told me to follow the sheet that was provided in what to do to activate the phone.

I asked if I could get help on transferring everything over. He kept looking behind me and then said that I should just back up to the Cloud and then transfer everything.

I tried explaining that I had never backed anything up and wasn’t familiar with Cloud, and he says to me, I need to help the person behind you. Just follow the instructions and download to cloud.

I stood there perplexed as I have never been dismissed in such a manner. So, note to self – you won’t receive good customer service at locations because all they are interested in is selling a phone. I could tell as soon as I told him I had already purchased the phone, he had absolutely no interest in helping me.

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