Equitrade International, Inc. Atlanta, GA, US

  • 26th Oct, 2017

Equitrade International, Atlanta Is Not A Barter Trader But A Cheater Firm Carrying On A Sham Show

  • Report #5YC7S
  • Reporter GBIANINERR

I am a small-time businesswoman and I have a fairly successful business of making handmade handcrafted soaps and lotions from a small workshop that I operate from my shed at the back of my house. I have had this business since the last 3 years and my soaps and lotions are doing very well in my community at Peachtree, Atlanta. Time over time, I do face the issue of unsold stock and am at a loss when I have to do clearance sales and my soaps sell for lesser than I would like.

I do my fair bit of online sales as well so am good with online searches which is where I came across Equitrade International who say on their website they manage excess inventory and exchange it for other goods and services that may be of use to you. The good old barter system if you please! It seemed like a sweet deal because I needed some help with advertising and media marketing. So basically how they function is that they have services and products listed on their website and you need to be a member with them to be able to barter your goods with another seller.

Made a lot of sense to me although the fee structure was very high like $495 as a one-time registration fee and a monthly fee of $30 for cash and barter.  Anyhow, this arrangement seemed to work for me as I would not need to put in money towards marketing and my excess supply of soap and lotions could also be encashed. I filled out the online registration form on www.equitradeintl.com and made the payment from my bank account. My Equitrade account was functional from the next week and I put up my extra soaps for a barter sale. That got me $6500 barter dollars in my account almost immediately after verification.

Then I was ready and armed to do the barter exchange. When I had initially checked the trading floor sellers on the Equitrade website, they had a list of advertising sellers like billboards, online advertising and creative design services but after I paid up and signed in, all those services were listed at zero! Talk about falsely baiting customers and putting up lies on their website so that they get more customers to register and pay almost $500 in the hope of making good barter deals.

I waited for a couple of months for a seller to come up and post their services but that never happened so I figured that I might as well make use of the barter dollars in household jobs so I requested for a garden appliances barter deal for $1200 out of my barter balance. I received a gift certificate from some obscure shop 30 miles away from where I lived. This was very inconvenient and unexpected but I had to make the journey to utilize the gift certificates anyway.

When I finally located the place, the owner of the business refused to accept the gift certificates in lieu of payment for the gardening tools. I had to make urgent calls to Equitrade on 770-993-8886 sort out the matter but the employee at the other end was so rude and refused to speak to the business owner and said that he will log in my complaint and that they have a system to contact the business owner in case of any discrepancies. I said if he is unwilling to co-operate with me so what makes you think you will find a solution and this was basically a wasted trip for me. Don’t they inform the business owner that a gift certificate has been issued or purchased so as to expect that some other business owner will want to redeem it? What kind of shoddy business practices are they operating on?

I would expect some kind of compensation here for firstly, mailing me useless gift certificates, secondly for falsely listing businesses that attract gullible customers like me and thirdly for my car ride and the time I wasted to get to the business ower and argue with him and the agony Equitrade put me through? This is what I wrote on the email I sent them on [email protected] but all I received was an apology mail with an offer to send over some more gift certificates. Now really, you have got to be screwing around with me by offering the problem as a solution. A very crooked way of running away from their responsibilities and treating the customer as data.

Terrible experience with them so I am just waiting to cash out and stay away from their barter trade facilitator crap!

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