Capital Choice Financial Greensboro, Georgia, US

  • 2nd Oct, 2017
  • $199 Reported Loss

Capital Choice Financial is selling fake credit card with apparently a huge credit limit. DO NOT fall for this crappy trick

  • Report #5YCK6
  • Reporter ECTIRELFTS

The limits the scam artists are willing to go leaves the social system exposed. The con players target middle-class, low-income families. They consider the section vulnerable to cheap tricks. The bastards have grown so much in confidence they’ve started targeting families outside the circle. I, Wayne, was one of such targets. I didn’t help the cause by agreeing to invest in credit card scam without doing research or analyzing pros and cons. I’ve a sad story and I think I’d find support and sympathy from other victim families, individuals.

Receiving a call from Capital Choice Financial looked like a normal affair. It was Derek, a manager, with company. They sold one of the biggest lies ever told. They sold us a credit card with $4,000 credit limit. We talked for two or three minutes. It was 16th October. My family was planning to go on vacation the next week. I didn’t give any thought to it.  I received another call from Derek the following day. I don’t remember what exactly happened and I agreed to apply for the card. He asked me to pay $199.95 to receive the card. One more important: These guys got us into thinking they’re selling us either MasterCard or Visa.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I opened the package. I received the package a couple of days later. It was a disaster, to say the least. It was a daylight robbery. To my surprise, it was neither MasterCard or Visa or any other major card. The credit I received can only be redeemed on certain products available in the company’s catalogue. The anger turned me into some kind of monster.

This scam was a violation of everything we know about customer service. It was a violation of Telemarketing Sales Rule. I panicked. I wasn’t sure what to expect next. I was worried about a couple of things.

The next bomb was dropped. They charged me for some membership shit without taking my permission. It was a fraud. I called my bank and asked them to stop any future transactions. I made several attempts to reach Derek.

I wasn’t able to find a way to get to scammers and expose them. The only option I’d is to talk and share experiences with online audience. I wanted to do it for two reasons. It was my only chance to expose Capital Choice Financial and scam artists behind it. Second, I wanted to save as many families as possible.

Our efforts got rewarded as these guys have been penalized by the Federal Trade Commission. The Advance-Free credit card scam cheated hundreds of thousands of families. The scammers have been asked to pay $36.7 million in consumer redress. You can go ahead and get a free copy of judgment by visiting FTC’s official website. I request individuals and families to follow a cautious approach and do homework before applying for any such cards. I’m delighted to see the bastards getting penalized and asked to make for loss.

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