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  • 9th Mar, 2019
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Rob Posner is a Home Wrecker and a Cheat

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I want to tell the world about a home wrecker, a selfish, sexist and cruel person who is not done breaking up families and taking advantage of women with his money power.


Meet Robert Posner. He is a CEO at New Day USA and Chrysalis Holdings LLC. You can’t miss him if you search online for him. Here’s how he broke my friend’s family and wrecked at least 4 lives.


Rob Posner met Zina Roberts who was married during a trip to Chicago. He asked her to come and style his wardrobe for him over a weekend. Zina accepted.


She went on Robert’s private plane, where he told her that there was no styling assignment and he simply wanted to get to know her better. He took her to his vacation home in Turks and Cacos.


Zina was married and living with her husband and two daughters in Chicago. Zina who is a gold digger then proceeded to have sex with Robert over the entire weekend. She then came back to Chicago and pretended to her husband that she was simply on an assignment.


Their secret affair continued for months. Robert continued to woo Zina with gifts and loving calls and messages, knowing fully that she was already married, and he was breaking up a family. Finally, Zina accidentally sent a text message to her husband with a photo of herself in lingerie and open legs.


Lenny (Zina’s husband) found out the truth and was devastated. He tried to persuade Zina to go to a marriage counselor, break up with Robert and keep her family intact. Their two daughers were in elementary school and high school. Zina refused. Robert then rented a $10k per month home in Illinois for Zina to live in. He told Zina, “Don’t worry. Just buy Ralph Lauren frames and put your daughter’s photos in them and they will feel right at home”. Zina did exactly that. She moved out and left her husband. Her daughters split their time between their father and Zina.


Zina then spoke to me about how to negotiate a monthly salary from Robert. She wanted to quit her job at a retail store. I told her she needed to negotiate $30k per month. Robert offered her $10k, but she said that was too low. Since then, I have worked closely with Zina to help ‘close’ Robert on marriage. I wanted Zina to have the lifestyle of a billionaire’s wife. Zina wanted that also. Prioir to this, Zina also had an affair with a co worker and never told her husband about it. She almost got caught by Lenny but managed escaping that situation. Zina also had another man who she was seeing (although she was not having sex with him) simply because he gave her Chanel purses.


So, my point is this…. New Day USA and Chrysalis Holdings have a CEO who is a home wrecker. He wrecked a family’s home and stole a hold-digging wife from her loving husband and two lovely daughters. He thinks he can buy everyone, including people. It works for those who are hungry for his money. I have finally gone public with this information now in spite of my warnings to his board of directors. Unfortunately, they did nothing. Perhaps tey are complicit in this action. Perhaps they are just cowards who wouldn’t let go of a man who makes millions for them. Perhaps if they did go public with this, many other stories from their own organization would come up and there will be hell to pay in damages. A company which claims to serve veterans are now actively shielding a sexual predator and a home wrecker. Now they will have to answer to the world.  This is not an ‘I told you so’ moment. This may harm their company, but that was never my intention.


All I ever wanted is hoping that pressure builds and that Robert corrects his horrible behavior. What he did was unethical, cruel and immoral. With that I have heard, this was not the first home he wrecked. He is a habitual offender. He has gone on to break families and con women because he can afford to. His disregard for human values is disgusting and he must be stopped.


Remember, If he can do this to a woman he met socially, I am sure there must be stories about his predator and cruel nature that his female colleagues and employees will want to share with everyone. I hope my post goes to Robert’s board of directors. If you know them and have read this post, please make sure they know.

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I am aware of another woman who got caught in Robert Posner's lies and deceit. I am 100% certain that once this post gets more exposure, we shall see many stories coming out from Robert's closet. It is about justice and fairness. I really think he deserved to be called out, especially after he and his board of directors had all the chances to fix this.

  • Publication Date: 9th Mar, 2019

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  • 18th Apr, 2019

Robert Posner is a good man of judeo-christian and American values. He is most importantly a family man who gives back to the community as well. Please remove this slander immediately.