Serenity Point Recovery Inc. 77 MONROE CENTER NW STE 700 GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, US

  • 11th Jan, 2017

Cruel Practices at Serenity Point Recovery Inc. Reduce Human Spirit to Trash

  • Report #5YCMP
  • Reporter CONDESTATZ

I was in a complete mess and needed some medical assistance to fight against drug addiction. I ended-up at the worst possible place on planet- Serenity Point Recovery Inc. You can call me Stephen and it’s only the beginning of my story. I’ve never felt so betrayed in life, the way these guys treated me. I want to parade them naked in public.

What would you do when you’re deprived of medical assistance at a rehab center? I felt lost, cheated and betrayed. I was mad at the system, first. Then, I realized it was just one or two brands. I decided to fight against it. This was my reply to them. I request everyone to join hands and stand against cruel practices prevalent at these facilities. They reduce you to some form of alien life crawling on floor without a voice and fate.

On the 13th day, I left the center. The place was crumbling. Poor sanitation, absence of expert physicians and bad behavior of staff members result in low morale and ambition among patients. The management was sitting down watching everything happen in front of eyes and never responded to anything. They’re in some kind of denial. These scammers don’t fear the law of land or public backlash.

During the stay, I was able to relate to deaths taking place at such centers. It was a horrifying experience. It was pretty much evident why the management has built the facility. There was no soul or human connection left among people working at The Serenity Point Recovery Center.






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