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  • 7th Jul, 2019

Per Wickstrom going bankrupt

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You have most certainly heard of the famous “Drug Rehab Fraud in Michigan”. Yes, we are talking about this famous guy for running Drug Rehabilitation Center, Per Wickstrom.

Per, who himself was addicted for more than 20 years of his life with drug abuse and other addictions, has started his own Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Here is the list of centers which was established by him.

A Forever RecoveryBest Drug Rehabilitation in Michigan Choices Recovery in IndianaBehavioral Rehabilitation ServicesSerenity Rehabilitation


He also founded a non-profit called Live To Be Sober.

 Let us dig through one of his Rehabilitation Center - Serenity Point Recovery Centre

 Per Wickstrom, who has been known for cheating drugs and getting back to the normal life, started this center to help others sinking with the same ship. However, it is not as rosy as it feels. Per Wickstrom has bricked every truth that can ever show his dirty face. The center charges high fees to get enrolled and never does what it promises. The cruelty shivered my soul.

 The program structure is based on patient’s insurance and not the amount of rehab they need, and is fooling people. On top of that, the center insists the unfortunate patients to change their reimbursement account details so that the money goes back to the top management at Severity Recovery point. Are they less than leeches? I do not think so and after reading through this article you will be on the same page too. They not only feed on patient’s money but ignore the treatment as well.

 The counselling time which occupies the vital part of the rehab sessions, are less than 30 mins per week and patient’s family are not involved in these sessions. However, no one can overlook the impact of the support that family and friend have on an individual. I think this is the way to keep their filthy secret locked behind the walls of Serenity Point Recovery center.

 Let’s check the stories that is often told by people who have suffered;

 Amber, one of the addicts signed up to join the Best Drug Rehabilitation (BDR) in Manistee MI but was sent first to “Tranquility Detox”. This is a distinct facility licensed to Per Wickstrom’s. He owns two facilities, BDR and A Forever recovery (AFR). She never saw BDR because she was never shifted there.

 But what caught my attention was the leaks of investigation report of Amber’s death. Her death was in who was unlucky as she died with the hope of getting better. And the hope got buried with her grave. The report said that ingesting street drugs was not the cause of Amber’s death but that all the medicines found in her body were prescription drugs given to her by a physician in his effort to deter her off her addiction to Heroin and Xanax (Alprazolam). Mixed Drug Intoxication of mixed prescribed medications along with underlying contributing health issues caused her to say her last goodbye.

 However, I have a feeling that this could have been avoided. There are many other stories that entails similar dreadful grief and remorse. And would not be amazed if more stories will fill the headlines in coming time.

 The doctor who was among the ones taking care of Amber’s medical treatment was already under trail for Richmond case. Richmond was taking help under the assistance of AFR team. AFR made his condition worst and prevented him from getting passable medical treatment for withdrawal seizures. This resulted in a fall and caused internal bleeding and fracture. He had to go through emergency surgery and shifted the treatment elsewhere.

 What makes me pity these people associated with Serenity Point Recovery centre is their inhuman attitude which is eating them internally. The physicians restricted the treatment of seizure claiming that Richmond is faking them.

The centre is equipped with facilities and have everything that can help people fighting with their own self but they lose the intention to do so. The centre is money driven as its top management staffs and do not shy away giving other fraudsters the roof under Serenity Point recovery centre in the name of social work.

 They promote admitting people with legal blockage to their home for homeless but they do so because it helps them to continue without being discovered. Nothing can match their shamelessness.

Nothing can haunt you more than your inner self and I really feel it is my duty to warn you of the purposes of Per Wickstrom which he intends to accomplish through Serenity Point Recovery Centre.

Serenity Point Recovery has failed its staff, patient, management, motive and above all the holy cause that has given hope to many.

I have checked with various other examples where Per’s Rehabilitation Center’s are falling people and they are only running because of the money that they are charging.

I’m Davis and I was one of the hostages at Per Wickstrom’s rehab centre. After a month long of torture I was set free from the centre. I was much more mentally stable than I was when I admitted myself at Narconon.

 Staying there was a complete torture, with no psychiatric help. I was not allowed to contact any of my friends or family members, I was allowed no freedom.

 Narconon was said  to be a “free referral service” but the reality was different. They charged almost $3000 dollars per client.

 Per Wickstrom is infamous for taking advantage of the court-ordered drug addicts, he convinced them to “forever recovery and best recovery” by hiring them once they completed their Narconon program. He also hired staff with criminal records.

 His centres have faked certificates for counsellors who are assigned in their centres to help patients. Those patients become victims of their bad behavior and are held hostage, they are not allowed to leave.

 Per Wickstrom’s rehab centres need to shut down because there is medical malpractice going on inside, which the outer world is not aware of. There are a number of lawsuits against Wickstrom but no action seems to have taken place by now. He was recently heard to have partnership with Jared Blake. These centres need to be shut down and Wickstrom should be jailed for holding up such centres.

 Let’s have a look at the famous Michigan story;

Complaints are being raised about the Michigan centers that are similar to what we’ve seen in litigation about Narconon in other parts of the country — that Wickstrom, for example, operates numerous generic-looking websites that appear to offer impartial advice but actually are set up to drive people to his Narconon-based centers, and that the connection between the centers and Scientology is not mentioned until patients arrive and then are put through Scientology training rather than drug counseling.

Per Wickstrom, meanwhile, is no stranger to litigation — earlier this year, Best Drug Rehabilitation sued several people for daring to post anonymous criticisms of the rehab center at the Ripoff Report website. Five of those suits were recently settled, and their complaints were posted on a new website,, that is aiming to be a comprehensive destination for Narconon news around the country.

 Some Complaints from experienced persons-

Lengthy, but insightful, complaint about the program, the lies told about what the facility would be provide, what the program was about. She complains that the program choices are non-existent or only for 1 day per week, counseling is only 1x per week, conditionsare filthy, limited food for a vegan.

However, the most interesting part at the end of the complaint concerns how she was treated, especially after the then case manager Paul Lawson, took her out on the program boat to go over her “inventory” which she needed to complete. Only problem is that she was out sun bathing in a bikini when he came over to her, suggesting she join him for this part of the program on the boat.

When they returned, staff and students were concerned that he’d taken advantage of her physically (claiming he had a history of with other patients) which she was insistent that he hadn’t. However, she was confused about whether she’d been emotionally taken advantage of by the case manager during some moments on the boat, which she describes. The director, Pam Anderson, was concerned and pressured her to tell her if he had… even preventing her from graduating from the program until other staff intervened on her behalf.  Read and decide if he was inappropriate.

My boyfriend was seeking substance abuse treatment and got hooked up with this clinic: His sister (who is a social worker) booked it for him using a referral service called Life Solutions Inc.

Serenity is the newest name of a for-profit clinic owned by the same people running Life Solutions. They also own a 501(c)(3) detox facility at the same location in Battle Creek, Michigan called Tranquility Detox. Previous names may include "Best Drug Rehabilitation" and "A Forever Treatment". These businesses are all run by the same board, the CEO of which is a man named Per Wickstrom.

It was difficult to turn this information up, as it's 1) not on their website 2) the website is registered to a domain anonymizing company and 3) they don't appear to have a business license in Michigan. At least I couldn't find one on There's a Serenity Manor Inc. and a Serenity Point Recovery Inc. but neither of those is in Battle Creek. I ended up calling Serenity up and asking for their CEO's name.

Googling "Per Wickstrom" brings up rumors of him being a Scientologist, associated with Narconon. Also rumors that he's washing the money from the clinic thru the charity. Some of the madness: 1, 2.

Serenity offered a 30-day program to my boyfriend and said it would be covered by his insurance 100%, including airfare to Michigan. He would be responsible for airfare on the return trip. Our insurance coverage for out of network inpatient substance abuse treatment is 50%. I spoke with my insurance co., and they said that the scam is these clinics bill them for way more than they actually charge, then don't bill the patients for the remainder. Apparently it's a huge problem in Florida and California, and apparently it's also popping up in Michigan. Looks like it's spreading to Indiana, as well.

Kinda just wanted to collect all this for anybody in the future who googles it. I filed an insurance fraud report with my state's AG too, because fuck Scientologists. Pieces of shit, preying on the weak. Why don't they all hop in a rocket and go home to Xenu or whatever. 


So that is the story of Per’s story. Well, I am happy to share the above research that I did for a reference that can be used by many people our there, who are thinking about his Rehabilitation Centre.

Be safe around people !


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