FPH Technologies 110 Blossom Circle Dayton, New Jersey, US

  • 8th Oct, 2017

FPH Technologies are Crooks! They must be brought down!

  • Report #5YCCJ
  • Reporter CAPERNELLA

Have you ever thought getting a computer fixed would result in a torturous and scandalous experience? I know it sounds weird. What if I were to tell you technical support tricked me and asked for ransom for keeping data safe and secure? I think you would have some kind of sympathy with me. I, Stephen, became the latest victim of FPH Technologies. I got a call from their manager. He introduced himself as Mr. Stones. I was running late for Church. We’re busy preparing for the weekend event. I didn’t pay much attention and asked them to fix the machine.

I played into the hands of scammers by allowing them to take remote access of my computer. They got control over everything. I received a call from one of customer service guys informing about my complaint status. The machine was fixed. However, there was another problem. These cheaters were asking for $350. I was shocked. He waited for my response. He broke down the charges and I’d no option but to ask him to call in the afternoon.

I checked their website. It was all confusing. I also received a mail from [email protected] It was clearly implied that these guys would ruin the information stored in machine, if I failed to pay the amount. The choice of words was poor. They sounded like guys from collection agencies. I realized I was scammed. There were countless reviews and complaints against them. I wanted to go after and chase them. This wasn’t the time.

These criminals had access to sensitive information. I paid them what they’re looking for. This wasn’t the end of story. I wasn’t ready to be beaten by cheap computer guys. The battle was about pride and consumer rights. I’m prepared to take it to the last day on Earth.

I called support desk at 323-316-2383 as well as emailed them. I took the fight back to them. The challenge was made. I started looking for people cheated by FPH Technologies. It was about starting a movement against them and other cheap fraud artists. We wanted to see negative reviews, complaints against bastards so they stop getting work. It’s about patience and perseverance.

FPH Technologies must be brought down. I made peace with what happened to me. I wasn’t ready to see them cheating and betraying other families without putting a fight. They should be made to work hard.

I draw courage and strength from the fact I was helping to build a fair and just society. The system should raise the game. I’d no support offered by the system. It also gave me a reason to start the fight against FPH Technologies.    

I felt bad for myself. The customer service experience wasn’t acceptable. It’s an unforgettable experience in an unpleasant way. The computer was fixed and it was time to fix the society. There’s no place for scam artists like FPH Technologies in society. I’ve learnt my lesson and now it’s turn for these goons to know they’re running against time. 

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