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  • 5th Oct, 2017

Mystery shopping assignment turned mystery!!

  • Report #5YCJJ
  • Reporter HIZZISEQUA

I received a letter from Hurricane Marketing Group on 31st July 2010. Supposed to be a Mystery Shopping Research Co. Since I had registered with another Mystery Shopping Co earlier in 2010, I though this Grp was an affiliate of the Co I had registered…worst mistake I could ever make!! I’ve gone insane now!!

I was ecstatic when they got in touch with me and sent me my assignment. Enclosed was a check for $4265 explaining me the details of my assignment that I had to carry. I was in touch with a lady named Mary who told me that I need to the send a part of money $ 2850 to Money Gram and a service fee of $100. Without thinking a thought abt it, I transferred the money to Daisy based out of New York as instructed on 4th August, 2010.

My second part was to shop at Western Union and I had to spend $250. I was given a total of 3 hrs to complete the assignment @ $100/hr which was enclosed in the check. I was also asked to fill in the Co evaluation form and send it across to them and fax it to Mary on the said no. I recd a repl from Mary stating that she wld get back to me for more assignments in a week or two. I was very happy for the same. Was waiting for the next!

What I didn’t knew that these cunt*** would dump me into such a state that I lost my career of 12 yrs. I got a letter from the bank on 25th August 2010 that the check I deposited has been returned due to deficit of funds and tht my a/c has been put on to hold. What crap!! I am in distress.

I have been given 30 days by the bank to pay the money..these guys are traceless. They got disposable phones and fax nos..i am in for biggest scam played.. have been fooled, cheated and looted by these bastards…everything looked so legitimate. It wld’ve been good if had done a cross checking with the Co I had registered. Too late to crib on it now.. these cheaters have been in this game for long.


I called Mary immediately but was hung up by the lady. Bloody bitch! I tried calling again..but the phone kept ringing. I went to the local police but they said they cant do much abt it as these cases are on high these days and that it was my mistake that I didn’t file the complaint before depositing the check.. crap!! Bullshit!! How do I even know that it was a scam???

I seek help guys.... I’ve lost my job, have a kid to be taken care of ..i am out of money…Help pls!! I have lodged a complaint against these asshole…I have all the documentation…the bank is also not ready to believe the facts….I was scammed $4265..

It’s a big chain of scamsters at Hurricane Marketing Group and I am in total distress ….i have taken up part tie job not enough to even pay my bills!! Hoping that some one wld come ahesd and get me out of this !!

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