Patrick Dibre Newark, New Jersey, US

  • 7th Dec, 2016


  • Report #5YCP4
  • Reporter KINARBETRI

Patrick Dibre - a scammer , a con artist and a son of a bitch who fooled me along with hundreds of other innocent car owners. Before i begin telling you all more about this asshole let me explain what exactly happened. He setup an insurance scheme at all his Nissan Dealerships with an illegal product which included extra charges being billed into the monthly payments without disclosing them. This is illegal, unethical, immoral and this shows criminal and fraudulent intent. These dealerships charged us upfront fees, frequently $1000 or more depending on the plan we chose, without itemizing or informing consumers of the price of the plan, they mislead us into believing the plan was free or included with the vehicle. By doing this with hundreds of customers he has made millions of dollars!!!


He gave false documents to the Attorney General when they investigated his fake and illicit ”Credit Forget It" scheme. This man has no shame, no guilt and no conscience, he doesn't care about anything or anyone, all he cares about is money, money and money be it even at the cost of playing with and exploiting the trust of innocent customers. He has been swindling money ever since and is evading punishment. He is a professional con artist, he has his ways of evading the law, he is a chronic liar, cheater and criminal. By playing this dirty illicit game, he not only put the dealership - Nisaan’s reputation at risk but the general manager and also all the employees of all the dealerships. A man so selfish and disgusting, needs to be put away from the society, he is a menace and will continue to destroy trust, rob money and fool clients unless he is locked up in prison and charged with multiple offences. Putting all general managers, employees and involving them in such a heinous crime means putting all their families at risk as well. HORRIBLE! WHAT A FRAUDSTER!


I hope his wife Dina knows about his hunch woman and partner in crime - Denise Loniewski who helped cover up all the thousands of client files during the investigation then quit and hasn't been seen ever since. I am sure he would have paid her enough in kind and in the bank to flee away. I pity his wife, the day she gets to know about his affair and his infidel relationship with this bitch, she would definitely divorce him! Or maybe i could be wrong, she could also be another partner in the crime, how can any woman trust or be with such a conman? He has tried his best to ensure theres no witness, or any loose end left behind. Like i said, he is a professional criminal and I am dead sure this is not his only scam, a bastard of a kind.


Why didn't anyone raise their voice? Why didn't the insurance sales people at the dealerships question him? Why couldn't the general managers figure it out and do something about it? The sales executives at all the dealerships must be having a good idea about what was going on, why the hell didn't they report this to the concerned authorities? Seems like he managed to lure them in all his deadly and evil trap.


When the AG Office asked for all the cases he illegally charged people he lessened the number of cases in the report. He only gave 400 cases to the AG in NY. We , the victims need to unite, need to raise our voice in a unified manner and ensure this fraudster and criminal gets convicted and pays for his sins. So many consumers are hurt and ripped off! How can the Attorney General let him off so easily???? How can he get away with a crime of this magnitude?! This is not done, justice has not been served!! We demand that the case be reopened and we the victims of this scam get their dues and justice. A scammer like him cannot be let gone, he cannot win, he cannot be allowed to be freely conduct business or be part of any environment where money is involved, he can go to any extent to make or rather steal money. He is highly manipulative, evil minded and extremely good with stealing your money without you even getting to know it. I dont understand how a brand as big as Nisaan can work with a criminal like him? Why havent they done anything about this? Why arent they bothered about their own customers?




Patrick Dibre

5169 - 037730

[email protected]


Inform all your friends and family member who are even remotely associated with any Nissan dealership in New Jersey. He needs to be apprehended as soon as possible. I have lost faith in all insurance schemes now, i make sure i double check every little detail, every little charge, this is something that came as a huge shock to me , i trusted him and i had never thought he would be such a criminal and scamster. I have not only lost trust in these schemes, but also in Nisaan, i have always been such a loyal customer to the brand and the dealership, but all i have got is deceit and all i have been is cheated, and to top it all i havent even got justice and this son of a bitch PATTRCIK DIBRE  is busy enjoying his life with the money made be conning people and is continuing to con more people. Is this what the Attorney General calls justice? Or has he also been paid off by Patrick Dibre? Or maybe the scammer fooled him too and got away. But we wont let him get away, the countdown has started , sooner or later we will all ensure he gets his dues. Lets see how far he can run and how much longer can he evade the law! Me, along with all other victims will make sure he along his associates who were involved in this big scam will get caught and imprisoned.

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