David Oliver - Bipolar Inner Circle stanhope, new jersey, US

  • 28th Aug, 2018

charged my credit card fraudulently

  • Report #5YD3L
  • Reporter IABLECERIT

I had 2 Discover Cards, one I charged a student loan to and one which I charged a bipolor newsletter, believing it was a one time charge. I was receiving admissions from a Discover Card and assumed it had been for the student loan. Recognizing I paid it I ignored the bill. Finally my husband and I got tired of the billings and paid the student loan off. We continued to have charged by Discover and that I had been thinking the payoff hadn't caught up with all the billing. After over 2 months I got an additional notice due. It was then I called the Discover Card business and learned that this David Oliver of Bipolar Inner Circle includes reoccuring billing of $19.95 every month on the Discover Card I had distroyed thinking I wasn't using it, since April of 2012. The amounts charged are just under $100 and never really worth a lawsuite but I need folks to be made aware.

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