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  • 6th Oct, 2017


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The economy is tough. For the majority of us, affording the shoes to go out looking for jobs is not very realistic, not kidding FYI. So we choose to spend the little money we have on buying data bundles and sending out our CVs online.  So I found this site called hot jobs where they allow you to post your resume and let employers find you. I have used this site before and it is fairly easy to get jobs and good jobs to say the least. There are good people In the web that help broke people like me to get jobs without having to invest a lot in the printing of papers and the buying of great outfits to go with from office to office.

So you can imagine my joy when I received a job invitation from the ASL Marketing. I am great at selling things and I do know my way around the psychology that allows people to buy items. I also have experience. Naturally, I jumped with both legs at the opportunity of a job that I would enjoy doing. So I scheduled for an interview and dressed up in my best suit to get the job. Like all people I expected that I would get some form of feedback on the job. So I get to their offices and there is other candidates der who are possibly looking for a job like I was.

The interview was not even an interview like I thought. It was more of a conference. Many of us were confused because well, we went there to get a job, not some bullshit advice on how sales and marketing are done. A person like me with three years experience in sales and marketing would feel wasted for being there listening to dose people speaking about things I already knew.

So I got to know that the company was a scam because after the lengthy talk of bullshit I was not even interested enough to listen, they said that to get the job we had been called for, we had to buy der marketing and sales program. I mean seriously, the only reason I was not leaving the room was so that I could not be counted as rude and because I still needed the job they said they would give us. They made it sound as if the lecture they were offering us at that time was a sort of interview or training and that the job was available to all of the people who were there.

Yeah right! What company would offer a job to more than 20 people at the same time and the offices are not even that big to host that large number of employees?  I also did not get the part that they would be giving everyone jobs if they bought the program. Thank God I did not have the money they required for the program otherwise I would have been in the list of the people who paid the money to get the job. I mean after months of searching, cursing, second- guessing, praying, hoping and even meditating upon getting a job, it is only natural that one is desperate enough to get the job. These people know that a person is willing to do anything to get the job and earn money. It also seems like a small price to pay for the amount of money they want you to earn as commission to work you will be doing. The company is crazy and will misuse you.

I followed up with some of the people who had bought the program. They said that after paying the money they were given a sort of orientation and then the company said they would contact them the next week. Several days passed after the time they had been told they would be contacted and nothing. Following up their calls were not picked and those whose calls were picked the person on the other end is always trying to pass them on to someone else. Sometimes the calls are not picked at all or they were hung up on when they called many times.

No matter how desperate you are and how much you need the job, do not fall for the fake promises that the company will offer you. Do not fall for the promises for a fake job even when you really want to believe you will be an employee. ASL Marketing is a scam company that you should not waste your time on.


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