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  • 25th Aug, 2017

EIC Agency Might be Big but People Management is Poor. You Should Stop Dreaming about Working with Them

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Young aspirants looking to make big in the corporate sector are an easy target for some cheap business houses. This is the case with Sanford Wilk of EIC Agency. He is one of the most popular and recognized digital gurus. It was nothing but obvious for a young dreamer like me to grab the opportunity to join EIC Agency as an intern. You can call me Gareth and I’m here to expose the scam run by Sanford Wilk.

Everything you’ve heard or known about Sanford Wilk is a lie. The guy is a monster. I think one of the conditions of working in the company as an employee is to be good at cheating and fooling people. They’ve no respect for interns. Working with a company like EIC could seriously jeopardize your career in the long run.  

I joined EIC in the month of July. I couldn’t have made a better decision in my life. I was riding high on hope and looking for a single chance to prove my ability. The moment came and I joined the EIC team. It was the happiest period of life. I’m talking about days I spent preparing myself for the big opportunity. The destiny had other plans.

The team at EIC Agency thrashed my dreams. They’re the most arrogant, selfish and unprofessional individuals I’ve ever met. As an intern, I’d no expectations. I kept and followed a simple approach. I knew I could learn a lot working with experienced professionals. What followed afterwards changed my perspective of successful people and successful companies forever.

My immediate supervisor, John, was the last person you’d want to work with. He was extremely poor at handling people. I was never offered an opportunity to express myself. Based on my experience, I think these guys hire an intern to do petty jobs. They need someone more than a robot to blame, shout and hold responsible for everything that’s wrong in organization. I never learnt a single thing during those three dreadful months.

I hold companies like EIC Agency responsible for exploiting interns and bringing a bad name to it. I lost a track of things working for eight hours a day, five days a week. I wasn’t paid a single penny. I’m not complaining about it. I expected a pat on back, some kind of respect and smile on faces of people working around. It wasn’t a lot to ask in my opinion.

There were several episodes when I felt running out of energy, passion and patience. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was busy in making others happy all the time. The question never crossed my mind if these people deserve an intern like me. I’d a lot of respect for Sanford Wilk and people associated with company.

I started to lose respect for these top executives. The signs grew stronger with time. I wasn’t able to overlook the words or actions of senior team members anymore. I started paying more attention to small things. The first thing that caught my attention was how these guys treat new members like me at work. In one plain statement, these guys don’t care for interns. It was such a disgusting experience I wanted to hit my manager.

In next two weeks, I became aware of work philosophy practiced at EIC Agency. Sanford Wilk is a kind of scam artist. The entire team looks at interns as some sort of losers. I lost my patience. I decided to leave EIC Agency. John threatened me to complete four months or risk losing the certificate. I was really angry at him. I controlled my anger, somehow.

This was a testament to fake show these guys have put. John broke my trust. I stopped going to office. I could have still continued working with them, had they shown some respect and followed industry guidelines.  

I want young aspirants to know the truth about EIC Agency. It’s not just about Sanford Wilk or corrupt practices prevalent at EIC Agency. The shit runs deeper. The whole culture stinks. I experienced a unique trait among all members from Gabriel Estevez (SEO), David Butt (Development) to Noorjahan Deolall (Project Management). They don’t miss a chance to make fun of interns. The most disgusting thing is the way they treat interns. The language they use tells us about mediocre mentality and lifestyle they practice. I appeal to people to stay away from EIC Agency.

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