VAULT OPTIONS New York, New York, US

  • 12th Oct, 2017

Ditch the Money Sucking Leech called VAULTOPTIONS!!!

  • Report #5YCAS
  • Reporter GENYAKESTI

Just like the many internet scams taking place these days, Binary Options Trading Platforms are one of these frauds. A binary option is a financial trading instrument with a fixed profit or loss. Trading binary options means you make a prediction on the direction an asset will trade at a later date, either up (Call) or down (Put). Let me tell you what happened to the money I invested online. On 13th July 2015, I received an advertisement in my email about making huge profits by trading in binary options. They explained about the simplicity of trading in these and how one could make a lot of money by trading using their platform. The end of the email had a link which would take me to the VaultOptions page where I could sign up and open my account online. I opened an account by filling in my details. Within a few minutes, I received a verification call from a Rep named Robin from VaultOptions. I was told that he would help me with my trades so that I don’t make mistakes while trading and thereby suffer loss. I fell for his jibe and funded my account with $450.

The next day, Robin traded along with me and helped to reach $1000 milestone. He also coaxed me to invest more in my account so that he could trade and multiply my money quicker. Hesitantly I added $550, thinking that I would withdraw all the money and profits by next week. But my biggest blunder was not going through the Terms of Agreement while I signed up for the account.

On 24th July 2015, I asked Robin to close my account and transfer all the money to my bank. Instead, I was told that based on the Terms of Agreement I could not withdraw any funds from my account until 30 days of my last deposit date. I had no option but to wait for my own money to come back to me. Then I thought I will trade till I complete a month and then close my account. My performance was really good and I managed to take my account balance to $7300. After more than 30 days of my last deposit, I placed my first withdrawal request for $3000. They acknowledged my request and said that my money would be sent by wire transfer. However, the money never reached me. The entire process went back and forth but to no avail. I wonder if they actually wired the money to reach me or somewhere else!!! I got tired of following up with them and have contacted an attorney to settle the matter with these crooks.

The people at VaultOptions will be good to you till they get hold of your money. After that, you are at your own mercy!!!

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