The Legacy Center 2200 Gateway Centre Boulevard Morrisville,, North Carolina, US

  • 27th Sep, 2017

Legacy centre is money sucking rouge institute

  • Report #5YCGO
  • Reporter EREGINDSMY

Don’t let depression make you take a wrong decision in life. I am James from Wisconsin and I’m writing my horrible experience with a cult rip off named the legacy centre at Morrisville NC and how it ruined my family. I almost lost my baby brother to this evil cult. Jonathan was depressed on not being able to get admitted to university, we were going thought tough times to make ends meet. I wanted Jonathan to recover from this depression by any means but it only seemed to get worse. That’s when I learnt about the legacy centre and how the specialize in bringing back people from depression making them anew. After meeting up with the staff they assured me that they have experienced trainers working with them and my brother would return a positive man. I payed up a hefty fee of $5000 even though I could barely afford it. Little did I know I was pushing my brother into a prison run by scamsters.


The people at legacy were rude once my brother was admitted; I was not allowed to meet him once the training started. The staff is very ill mannered and has no experience of psychological treatment. The cult here is more adamant on forcing new age philosophy on participants under harsh conditions. The participants are put under complete mental trauma. The motivational talks are given by a certain Dr. Blanchard who is anti Christian and most of his talks are on converting people into Anti Christianity cult. The participants are taught that to be successful one should disregard morals and ethics, and taking the wrong unconventional way to success is ok. No one is allowed to question the their teachings and practices. The staff at Legacy also performed satanic rituals and singing new age songs which is all plan of making participants a part of the cult.

The guys running this centre have been doing this though various similar rouge institutions such as Lifespring and IGN, which have been closed down numerable times by court orders. The staff working at legacy is sex maniacs and performs unnatural sexual activities with most of the inmates, and not a single person can do a damn about these guys. They have pending suits filled against Legacy for unnatural death of participants and running under a motive of a secret cult. My brother has been under mental and physical abuse and has been in a vegetate state after being discharged.

I would like to sue this cult centre for the trauma and damage they have caused to my family. Dr. Blanchard has been a well known conman who is known to brainwash his patients, he has several suits filed against him and operates under a different name at various locations of the state. All the cheats know is to make money over needy people who turn to them in time of distress. I would welcome any help who could guide me to take down this ripoff cult so that no other Jonathan suffers from their misdeeds.

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