Blackwall Capital Markets Group New York, NY, US

  • 11th Oct, 2017

Blackwall capital market group can fool anyone to work in their firm! They are a disgrace; they don’t know how to function

  • Report #5YC47
  • Reporter HOOLYSTORM

I worked for the trading firm called Blackwall Capital Market Group. They highly advertised themselves and convinced people to earn thousands in a month. Everybody is hungry for money, so basically anyone can easily get attracted by them.

I got myself a desk job here, for trading commissions. They told me I didn’t have to pay them anything; I made thousands the same month and the next. But they never gave me even a penny I deserved. No commission that I earned and no money and they also decided to throw me out!

They didn’t care if I was doing a good job or a bad one, they just wanted the commissions I had earned in their bloody pocket! And they made sure that happened, when I told them I had made almost 10 thousand commission and that I wanted my money before I leave, they refused. They not only refused to pay me my money they also misbehaved with me, talked loudly in front of other employees and disgraced me for no reason.

I also emailed them on their customer service ID, but of course, if I didn’t get a supervisor to talk to me in person, how the hell was I getting a reply to any damn email I sent.

This company is run by a bunch of freaks who have no idea about investment or trading or anything in the field. They have just found a way to attract people who are good at this so that their firm profits and later the poor chap is thrown out!

Guys they did not pay me even a penny, I slogged my ass there for 2 bloody months, and they paid me nothing. They told me I had to pay for the desk and certain things and I didn’t deserve the money I had earned all by myself.This firm won’t last long. Those of you thinking of working at the wall street market, please do not work for this firm. Their employees aren’t happy neither are there customers, they fraud everyone, and they don’t care! They just want money and they get it by hook or by crook!

I hope this company doesn’t run of long and has to shut down cause that is what they deserve!! They scam their employees, fool the freshmen and take advantage of all. This company will surely die soon.

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