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  • 10th Jan, 2017

NEVER heed the cold pitch of Brokers like Blackwell Capital Markets.

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  • Reporter UELLSTENTI

I am here to tell about my worst experience with the stock market where I ended up burning my fingers. More than my foolishness, I would like to blame Blackwall Capital Markets for this. Blackwall Capital Markets (formerly Grandview Capital) is a brokerage firm in the U.S and licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Brokers owe their customers a duty to make appropriate investments, taking into account an individual’s objectives and risk tolerance. But Blackwell Capital Markets does not function like an honest broker;it does the job of chop shops instead. They prey on the few people who still answer a landline phone and use cold-calling method of selling. They pitch 50 guys one stock and 50 guys another stock. If one goes higher, they go back to that pile. I trade stocks randomly to make a quick buck. In January 2014, I heeded their cold pitch and purchased a huge quantity of two stocks (I don’t wanna name these). The prices of both stocks just kept on going down the next couple of days. These unscrupulous people cheat the common man by manipulating stock prices for their benefit.

I incurred huge losses as I had to sell my stocks at a much lesser price. SCREW YOU BLACKWALL CAPITAL MARKETS!!!Such brokers justify themselves saying, “There’s nothing illegal about cold-calling”. But the fact is that these brokers unload penny stocks they secretly owned on unsuspecting investors. Blackwall Capital Markets has a record of employing brokers with long history of customer complaints. Think twice before you leap!!!

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