Scott Breitenstein Jr. Dayton, Ohio, US

  • 31st Oct, 2018

Money Launderer

  • Report #5YD44
  • Reporter IELICIANCT

Scott Breitenstein’s eldest son is involved with the family cyber extortion scheme. He functions as one of the money launderers being a part of his father’s illegal business. Just like his father, he is as twistedly distorted as they come. Such a bastard’s son, an Eminem wannabe, is real scum himself. He has his own YouTube channel where he showcases his tone-deaf raps like he’s on drugs. This punk’s got no talent or sense of rhythm. It’s so bad that it is hilarious. His girlfriend, Bree Snyder, is closely associated with him and his illegal activities of extorting thousands from others for negative, defamatory post removals on his father’s trashy cheater sites.

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