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  • 12th Oct, 2017

Defective Products and a Sick Behaviour – Western Harmonics Company Is A Big Fraud

  • Report #5YCAV
  • Reporter GHTEATESSE

I ordered a solar panel inverter a month ago from EBay from a seller selling Western Harmonics solar panel. I received a defective one. There was no instruction with regards to installation. It cost me extra to get it installed. After installing it, the person told me that it’s defective and won’t function. I tried working it and it wasn’t. This is so annoying. I trusted an online seller thinking the company ensures that they are working with genuine sellers but apparently that’s not the case.

I kept writing to the seller for a week and there was no reply from him. I warned him I will speak to the company and post a negative review about him and he was least bothered. Then I wrote to Christopher Woyewodzic from Western Harmonics to his email Id [email protected] from their website https://westernharmonics.com which didn’t work. There was no reply from him. I was so fucking pissed at these guys not bothering about their customers. I still kept my patience and tried calling Christopher at the number provided on the website 619-292-5179. Got him on phone the first time and he said he has missed my emails and will check and get back.

After that, I never got hold of him. It was always someone else taking my message. He never replied to my email. This is really pathetic. I am not a fool and won’t take this nonsense from an e-commerce company. How the hell do these shitheads think they can get away with this? These types of companies spoil it for other genuine online sellers. First of all, they don’t care to check who are selling their products.

Secondly, they don’t care about their customers who have been scammed by their sellers. This is so damn unprofessional. So I wasted my $580 for a defective piece of equipment? I don’t think so. I will put up reviews everywhere possible and let people know what kind of con-artist this company Western Harmonics is. These bastards think they can ignore me and my messages and calls. Well then they are wrong. They can’t fool me.

I will make sure I get my $580 back. I will post about them in all the consumer complaints forums as well. Something similar happened with me before and I thought it’s a small amount so I let it go but I won’t let go of these frauds this time. This company sells so many things like solar systems, cooling equipments, solar fans and many more. Can you imagine the kind of money they are stealing from other people as these things are decently expensive?  I doubt if this company is even registered or has a proper license. All of you, who have been scammed by them, write to me so that we can take this company down together. It doesn’t deserve to be operating. It only adds pain for us and makes the online buying experience a nightmare.

I have even heard that when you buy from them directly online, they deduct money from your credit card without your acknowledgment once you have added the details. Has anyone been through that shit? This is really disgusting. This is clearly stealing money. I waited for a whole month just to get ignored by them. What kind of professionalism is that? Just make a website and then cheat people is their motto I think. This is ridiculous. They have written about their products in detail on their website like they are actually going to send them. Even if they do, it will be fake or defective.

I feel like punching this guy Christopher. I doubt he would have ignored it if it happened to him or maybe he is too busy cheating other people. Running away is not an answer. I will make sure he pays back my money or is behind bars. I will show their real reputation to people. I am sure they expanding as they have mentioned on their website because of the money of people like me who they cheat. They talk about their brand’s reputation, reputation my ass. Every employee of this company is a con-artist because they work together in conning people. It is so unfair that people who are trying to save money on their electricity bills by using their products are cheated off more of their money in the same process. This is really really disappointing.

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  • 29th Jun, 2018
# Rebuttal

Western Harmonics does not sell a system with inverter, I have reviewed all of our 800 orders to date to see if there was a sale of a solar panel with inverter that this matches. If you have an open order related to this I suggest you call me since you have posted my number. And given the very low rate of defective equipment, less than 1% of solar powered systems I have produced and sent out, I would definitely recall an order that involved a defective inverter/panel set up. I call on BS on this. I have given this some consideration about the time of year for this supposed order. At the time of this post my company was receiving well over 3000 calls and emails per month due to hurricane Maria, which negatively impacted my company. Your call may have been missed (?). I would definitely recall a telephone call about a defective inverter panel set up. I own a small company. Its growing. I started it from scratch. We have certainly made mistakes along the way that delayed orders....but this particular complaint unfortunately doesn't match any record I have. -Chris Woyewodzic. Owner, Western Harmonics